Suggestion for Co op vs AI in Gears 5

I think players should be able to play as the swarm in co op vs AI cause that would allow players to get an understanding about the different hit boxes for the cog characters and make the mode more fun in my opinion

This would also also allow players that do not play versus modes to get used to playing as the swarm characters seeing that the swarm and cog characters also have slightly different movement speeds and reaction speed to avoid being killed


Agreed. I have just about all the locust unlocked but useless to me since I rarely play versus.

This has been requested since 4, why it hasn’t been added it yet is only known by TC.

Same with scrapping, how hard can it be to implement a system you already had in your previous game?

This was de-confirmed in one of the dev-streams. Everyone has the same movement-speed and hitbox.


It would be a dream come true if we could play as swarm instead of cog in AI if not in gears 5 then possibly gears 6

They could make Locust available in Co-Op vs AI and in Private when you fight bots.

Would be cool option instead of having the Swarm in there all the time.

I’m afraid with a business model gears implements is directly taken from a page from the great DJ Quick, “Cause if don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense…”

allowing you to play as the swarm in coop vs AI is different than playing private due to the fact that coop vs AI is a public mode so you do not get to choose your team this would also allow players to get used to not really knowing if they are going to be the COG or the swarm team until just before the match begins makes it feel a little more like you are playing public vs and not private vs