Suggestion for better core matchmaking

Hey TC this is a gripe/suggestion. For Core matchmaking there should be no stacked teams allowed. Three man lobbies at the most, anything more should be played in Competitive or private.
Also give Latinos and southern US its own server. It gets quite annoying playing stacked teams when I am trying to get Diamond… Its just as annoying to have a latino with 300+ ping in the game…

Maybe I am the only one playing with so many guys from down south with high pings, but I feel like this will smooth out a lot of the connection issues. and I feel limiting party size to three for core modes will benefit the game in terms of fairness.
These are just my suggestions TC.

In one else agree or could think of anything that could improve core game modes?

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A universal tuning lol. It’s been almost two years and still two tunings and as of right now there’s technically like 3. Btw I’m not for limiting the number of players you can take into any playlist. You should be able to play social/core/comp with any number of players.

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