Suggestion: Consider removing or changing the quit penalty for ranked

  1. People quit constantly anyway. I have almost never finished a ranked koth match in which there was not a quitter. Any tdm blowout also has quitters.

  2. AT LEAST remove it for games that have not yet started - as in, while the lobby is still forming. I’m often banned because a backing out of a game that fails to ever start. (I’m writing this during just such an occasion.) - - this seems like a huge bug that has never been addressed.
    At the very least I should ALWAYS be able to rejoin any game I am penalized for leaving.

Alternative solutions:
With the new ranked system, you could put a big point penalty on leaving resulting in a demotion. (the higher the rank the higher the penalty - or it could be a % of your points. )
This would mean that people could sacrifice points for what is actually valuable (time).

I have very limited time, I dont care much about my rank, but I want to have fun against good competition.
I don’t get to play that much these days, and when i do its with my brothers who are spread out across the country. We might set aside two hours, so when we get banned for 20 minutes because of a design flaw in your game it becomes pretty hard to justify coming back to play again.

It’s a terrible experience to have to wait 20 minutes because of a flaw that exists in your game.

Quit penalty needs to stay. Match quitters against quitters like Bungie did years ago with Halo.


I’m not against a penalty.
I just think the way they have it needs to change.