SUGGESTION: An incentive to play Solo in Ranked

I’ll go straight to the point.
The new ranked system encourages people to play in groups rather than solo and it can be unfair to people that play solo with randoms against 5 stack streamer teams.

My suggestion is to add a multiplier to the GP that you earn after each match when there are less than 5 people in your group.

For example:
5 Stack = GP x 1.0 = No increase
4 Stack = GP x 1.25 = 25% more points
3 Stack = GP x 1.50 = 50% more points
2 Stack = GP x 1.75 = 75% more points
Solo = GP x 2.00 = 100% more points

NOTE: I’m not suggesting these numbers to be used. I’m only suggesting an incentive to encourage more people to play solo rather than having unfair games where randoms play against 5 stacks.

What do you guys think?


I think it’s a solid idea


Keeping ppl with 2-3 digit pings out of lobbies would be an actual incentive for me to play Ranked at all.


Fixing the net code would be an incentive to play more lol.

I honestly have no problem problem going solo against stacks. I have beaten stacks, well me and the team I am have lol, and I have lost to stacks although I have beaten more stacks than I have lost.

This kind of seems like a punishment for people playing in a squad in a team based game lol.


Im all for it, either that or reduce the GP entry cost


You are right it may be seen as a punishment against stacks. A solution to that may be to decrease the amount of points that a solo player gets compared to a person in a group.

I play both as solo and in stacks, but in my own experience, the higher you get into the ranked system, the more you encounter very well organized stacks that are just imposible to beat with random teammates.

My suggestion is only made to create a balance between players that like to play together and players that prefer to play solo in the higher ranks.

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Just to be clear im not against your idea im just thinking around it because a solution for one player may be a punishment for another in any mode in this game.

True enough. I have come against a few unbeatable stacks and I will admit it wasn’t enjoyable at all to the point where 2 team mates just gave up completely lol.

I am not against stacks because honestly its hard to be when I play a game that allows me to do the same thing. So I end up leaning towards more of a its up to me and not the developer to improve my experience. If TC was to implement something like this or pair solos with solos and stacks with stacks and it worked then all the more for it.


This will come across harsh.

It’s not intended as such.

I’m no longer a top tier type player. Age catches up to all of us eventually.

Here’s the truth.

Gears ranking has always favored stacks. Always will most likely. While I applaud the suggestion on how to equalize the solos versus stacks, I’m not convinced it can be done. The new ranking system obviously focuses on wins. Who’s more likely to win? Speaking toward KOTH mainly.

It’s not a measure of intelligence or true individual skill. Never take it as such. There are really good players that run solo or duos and will never be the highest rank.

Doesn’t mean they won’t hand your butt to you 1v1 or 1v2 more often than not. The crossing from a stack negates the true skill of that player.


It is a team based game, I think getting mad at an organized team for beating you and some randoms, or finding it unfair is a little unrealistic.

Like you said about crossing negating any true 1v1s or even 1v2s, 1v3s etc, once you’re outnumbered that’s it. (Most often).

But even with Randoms against a strong stack, with just one communicator over the open voice chat will make a great difference. Calling shots against a stack when I was the only one talking still led to us taking the win.

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In a ranked game where quitting is punished and there are tiers/rewards, putting solo vs stacks is unacceptable and to most highly competitive games a joke.

With the Current population, TC would do better to make everything solo only, breaking up stacks will improve match making wait times and improve each teams overall skill in a match. If there was a big population then stacks would not be an issue, they would be put against each other.

TC wont do this for the simple fact that a lot of people will complain even though those people are actually a tiny percentage of the player base and many of them would admit that they would never play solo for the obvious reasons.

Weapon balance is still a big issue but stacks against randoms is a massive issue, and the truth is most people who play, play solo so the ranking system should be built more toward how the majority play not a small minority.

I can understand sweaty players wanting to five man but in gears 5 any of them that actually want to have a challenge would have to bite the bullet and say “i want a challenge, solo is the way, If i want to play with my team then i better setup a fight against another team”.

Or just like how PC players are treated, there should be an option to turn of stacked players being in your match.

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That’s the trade off when a stack has an insane built in advantage over solo players (people seriously underestimate the power of clear communication), so I’d say it’s fair.

I wouldn’t go double the GP though, that’s absurd, but maybe 25% or something more reasonable, or a lowered entry fee.

This is a terrible argument that I’m really tired of seeing. It’s a team based game, yes, but the huge majority of players, on any game on Earth, are solo queue. It’s been this way since the dawn of online matchmaking and will likely continue until the heat death of the universe. Casual players are solo players, maybe duo sometimes. It also goes against the idea of balanced matchmaking in the first place to allow a stacked team to go against a bunch of unorganized strangers, since even if by some miracle everyone in the lobby is roughly equal, the stacked team will still have the inherent advantage of communication and willingness to listen that comes with familiarity. Good luck trying to suggest to randoms to do things mid match and not get shouted at, or even be able to communicate to randoms at all when they’re either silent all match or blare loud annoying music into their Kinect mic that you have to mute to keep your sanity.


And yet the game so obviously encourages team stacks with Allies and the team based nature of (most) PvP modes. If you truly want solo why not play FFA? Honestly a FFA Blitz mode would work too.


Pasting a response of mine to a previous thread:

FFA is the least competitive mode in the game. Power weapons spawn 30 sec after pickup, so everyone has one at all times, enemies randomly spawn next to you, and it’s night impossible to engage someone in combat and not be ambushed later by 1 or 2 people wandering by.

As someone who never drops below 3rd place in FFA ever since it was introduced and has won my fair share of FFA matches, a lot of it boils down to RNG and where you happen to spawn. Spawning by a Boomshot or Frag spawn is practically 2 or 3 kills guaranteed (and when it’s every 30 seconds, it’s extremely easy to just camp the locations), at the very least, that you absolutely did not earn. You can be the best person in the lobby but if you have to fight back to back to back people with Boomshots or if some guy just randomly appears behind you, you’ll lose almost every time if the other guy is even halfway competent.

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I wouldn’t call it an incentive to play solo. I’d say it’s more of a buffer or consolation or something. I’m not gonna have my team ready to go only to say, “I’m gonna run solo just bc of more GP.”

That being said, I do like the idea of giving solo queue or non-stacks a little boost bc the odds are against them.

It is easy to camp, but depending on who you’re up against. I don’t know who you’ve been playing FFA with but I’ve gotten 9-12 kill streaks many times without “abusing” the power weapon spawns, most times I have to seek them out because campers are on the spawns.

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I never said playing as a team in a competitive environment is bad, its great if loads of people playing whatever game are doing it however in gears 5, thats not the case. The majority play solo and are not benefitting from the positives of stacking and the flip side for a stack is an easy win with little to no challenge. Playing sweaty means you want a challenge and the current population/ system means you have a large chance to avoid that while stacking. The gears allies thing was a good idea that would have gone down well had there been a high population count consistently.

However the amount of players left is far too small to work with that, thats why the game would benefit from forcing duo or solo play.

I believe you can play with either two tiers above or below you so a 5 stack of diamond can be put against 2 onyx who would also be paired with 2 silver who would also be paired with 1 bronze, that is not a competitive game, its a punishment for everyone.

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Why would TC encourage solo play when the game works massively better with a team? I quite honestly don’t get this mindset. No one is forcing you to play solo. Its a choice. If you want to, that’s just fine. But I don’t think the game should cater to you because of it.


They just need to fix the coding to only allow how ever many in your squad to only be paired up with that number, even if it took longer wait times for matches I would deem it worth it so only 5 stacks play 5 stacks, 4 stacks play 4 stacks, etc, fill the rest with the solo people or have full solo lobbies. And @TC_Clown my nonexistent real friends are forcing me to play solo :frowning:

It’s not like Xbox has a system designed explicitly to find stacks if you’re ordinarily a solo with no friends.