Suggested Improvements

Since the Gears 5 multiplayer is broken since the last update I’ve been going back and playing a lot of Gears of War 4 multiplayer and have come up with suggestions for improvement. I’m hoping these don’t fall on deaf ears because since the update Gears 5 quickplay and ranked are almost unplayable.

  1. Bring back squads of 5 – Seriously who’s idea was it to go back to 4v4? 5v5 has been a staple since Gears 2 so why change it? It makes zero sense.

  2. Get rid of the knife – The knife is practically useless. There’s a delay when you hit the melee button and it never hits the mark. Getting up close and butting players with your gun made way more sense in combat.

  3. Change the lancers chainsaw back to the melee button (same with retro charge) – This change never made sense to me. When I have the chainsaw revved up and someone shoots me my character starts the reloading animation rather then just putting the gun down. All but guaranteeing a kill for them.

  4. Make the guns have some “bite” to them again – in playing Gears 4 you can see, hear and feel that the guns hitting their marks have weight to them. Especially the snub pistol. Now? It feels like we’re shooting paintballs at each other.

  5. Change back the targeting reticles to Gears 4 style – I honestly can’t aim or hit anything anymore with the current sights.

  6. Bring back the bots – It is extremely frustrating to start a quickplay game and its 4v2 or 1v3 or 2v4. And then people quit. With the bots we at least had some back up until another player joins. Also in KOTH bots will go for rings. There’s been too many times where I’ve played 2v4 or 1v3 hoping for a player to join my team just to find out the other team doesn’t even go for rings and just want to rack up kills. This forces players to quit. If we had bots this wouldn’t be an issue because we would have back up and if the other team had a bot they always go for the rings.
    – a. This was a major change in gears 1 and 2 because it was unplayable when we didn’t have bot back up. The game was much improved when they implemented bots.

  7. The executions in Gears 4 were just smoother – press one button quickly and its an automatic curb stomp. Hold the same button down and its a custom execution. Now we have to switch weapons for a curb stomp assuming we have it chosen for that particular weapon. And them sometimes you want to do an execution but when you press and hold the button you knife or kick them instead.

  8. Slow down a running enemy with gunfire – lancers, pistols, hammerbursts, etc used to slow down an enemy when they were running towards you. Now they can run at you full speed while you’re unloading an entire magazine in their face for a close up shotgun kill.

Once upon a time when a game was released that was it. It was either perfected during the production process, alpha and beta testing phases before being shipped or the game was rushed and just terrible. Sadly nowadays games can be half finished and sent out because the publishers know they can just “update” and patch the game when they so desire. And I feel that’s what is going on with Gears 5. It wasn’t polished enough before launch and now we players are basically field testing the game for whatever the coalition wants to do with it. There have been 4/5 games before Gears 5 that you could have taken notes from and improved upon or leave it well enough alone.
The saying, “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it” exists for a reason and I see that with Gears 5 the coalition is moving backwards rather then forwards.
I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears as I have been reading the forums and a lot of the suggestions, complaints, concerns are pretty much all the same. If you guys want to make a big change reach out to the players first by setting up a special decision on the versus screen (4v4, no bots, gun tuning, etc). That way we can try it and if we like it we can keep playing if not we can go back to what has already been established. Then you’ll be able to see and determine whether we enjoyed the changes or not.
Ultimately we are all at the mercy of the coalition and whatever they decide if we want to keep playing. Just remember that we’re the consumers and we’re the ones that spend money and time on this product. I’ve been a loyal fan of Gears of War since the beginning back in 2006. It’s the first online multiplayer game I’ve ever played with friends online and it has helped me throughout the years to cope with the stress of life. I enjoy spending money on new weapon skins, costumes, expressions, boost, etc. But with these changes I feel like we’re being ignored as players which makes me want to play this game less and less every day.

Chime in with your thoughts Gears Bros and Sisters. Am I losing it in my old age?

TL:DR: please make much needed improvements or people will turn away from Gears.

– Warlock