Suggested Changes

Proposed Changes:

-Multiplayer characters need to be more vocal. I feel as if I am playing a muted game. What made gears great was the character generated trash talk. Also when a headshot did occur a character-specific/special line would come out, for example, Lt. Minh Young Kim; ‘Good night!’ or Baird; ‘Lobotomized!’. Also the lack of a headshot pop. I see headshots and hear absolutely nothing. After a headshot pop and character line, you felt like you earned the headshot and everybody else on the battlefield would know you popped someone’s dome. It was similar to a war trumpet. Struck fear in the opponent.

-Lancer, hammer, and retro need to be buffed to eliminate unnecessary long-range gun battles. If I wanted to enter long-range shootouts I would play Battlefield. I rarely see large gnasher fights break out anymore.

-Wall bouncing speed increase. The game feels much less fluid when moving and wall bouncing is non-existent. partially because of my next point as well.

-The gnasher distance needs to be reduced. This will create those large 2v3 gnasher fights that gears was known for. The gnasher range is OHKO within 10m. I was shocked at some of the gnasher kills I was generating.

-More multiplayer character options. I am assuming this will be for later purchase. That being said we need; Onyx Guard, Carmine, Lt. Minh Young Kim, Sam, Anya, etc.

-Curb stomp. Where is it? I see bots heeling the heck out of real players but we can not. This needs to be installed asap.

-My most important point we need vocal, loud, cocky, obnoxious multiplayer character trash talk. It feels boring without it. I know I repeated this one but I can not stress this enough.

-Overall really enjoying the game. Surprised at what was released having 2.5 years to work on it but no need to cry over spilled milk. These changes or variation of these changes need to be implemented in some shape or form.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I agree with everything except the wall bouncing. For the first time since gears 3, I’ve been having some awesome strafing shotgun battles.

Just how it was in gears 1. Those take more skill than bouncing around like a lunatic.

You can still wallbounce, but it’s not as ridiculous as it was in gears 4, and I think it’s a change for the better. For the record, I can and do bounce, but only to dodge a shot when I’m being 2v1 for instance. Not just spam bouncing.

The strafing shotgun battles returning have been extremely enjoyable. It feels like old times