Sudden change to Tour of Duty length

I think it had been at 17 weeks for most of this Tour. After the update, it’s showing 12 weeks. Really close to finishing the section for Desert JD, but I’m not sure I can finish Marcus’ headshots, JD’s GL kills and Del’s fortifications in 3 weeks for the Del Desert skin… which is the one I actually want.

So, was this intentional? I’d really appreciate having the time to actually do these medals.

Fully intentional. Tour of Duty 1 is supposed to end in December alongside Operation 1 ending, not in January 2020.

And it’s relatively quick and easy to handle Marcus’ medal on Beginner. Turn on the aim bot setting, start wave 1 in Custom. Use Snub and Lancer to get headshots. Or get a Fahz in and have him hand you a Markza or pick one from a Hunter if you get Leeches at the beginning. Should take a few hours at best, but may not be very interesting.

For JD, just start wave 41 on Beginner in Custom on any map where you can funnel enemies into a single choke point for maximum possible killing. Foundation, for example. Go into spawn with the fabricator, build one or two barriers. Use remaining power for Lancer GL ammo and kill stuff until you run out. Repeat until done. Note to turn off bots on either of these two to get maximum amount of kills yourself.

For Del, it would work to start wave 50 and build as many barriers as possible. Then back out and repeat the process. This apparently used to work back around launch, mind you. Not sure about if it does now.

And these are just the fastest ways of obtaining these medals. They will not be enjoyable(as much), and rather just a grind. So if this isn’t what you’re looking for, I’d suggest you only consider these if you really won’t be able to finish the medals before the end of the Operation.


Any idea for the jack assists? It’s such a drag

If only 3 weeks left in Tour… and the rank reset has been delayed a week.
Mid season rank reset will be 2 week before end of Operation 1?

Not really. Play on Beginner and zap everything for a second?

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That’s what ive been doing :sweat_smile:

Del’s fortifications: host private horde asylum lowest difficulty use bots they’ll distract if the wave starts before your through your power start at wave 50 drag Fab under the bridge tunnel area build barriers as fast as you can dont worry about where you put them or how they land you can get most built before the wave spawns rinse and repeat till you’ve got 300 done.
Marcus headshot: host private asylum lowest diff no bots start wave 1 you want either matches that give you dbs or imagos pop some melons when you get to about wave 6/7 restart the match rinse repeat till you’ve got it complete.
JD just do this in normal horde with other players use a weapon locker buy an extra gl lancer gives you 6 shots per wave. Make it rain.

Thanks for posting, not sure how I feel about losing 5 weeks to get everything done. Just really disappointed how this was changed by an update. I will definitely not be able to finish everything now :slightly_frowning_face:.

You didn’t “lose 5 weeks”. 12 weeks was always the intended length of any Operation and TC even clearly stated before launch that the Operations would last 3 months each.

For Del, I did Exhibit on Wave 50 with bots, moved the fabricator just out of the laser wayway, built a MG turret and shock turret facing out towards our spawn and the laser walkway to provide cover while I spent the rest on barriers.

For JD, I did Foundation on Wave 41 with bots. Built two barriers, collecting ammo boxes as much as I could as I spent as needed on Lancer GLs.

Marcus headshots, I’m doing through Horde as normal. Lancer for Juvies/Imagos/DeeBee Sheperds, Snub for drones. If I can get a Marzka, Longshot or EMBAR, great. The Snub is really the unsung hero of this medal.

Edit: Managed to finish out Marcus today. Was a bit frustrating because I was 499/500 after the match I had just completed. So, I started a local game for a single headshot, Good for a laugh though.