Submission return?

Can we have submission back in gears? Like pvpve again? Or a cool idea my mate thought of (in my opinion) is a real player gets randomly selected to play as the meat shield? (he doesn’t post on here but it was PUMAJAY 38’s amazing Idea) Of course TC won’t see this so I wonder what you guys/girls/attack helicopters/penguins/vegans/flat earthers… think
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Would the player playing the meat shield get points while not being a meat shield? Aka running away from both teams?

Nope because you guys will play it for a week then abandon it for the usual KOTH/TDM. I’d only okay bringing back submission if we take out like half of the other playlists cause then you’d be separating the community even more lol

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same story for all the requests for Wingman you see in Twitch chat every dev stream, no logic to that request. TC probably spent a year developing Gridiron only for it to spend 1 season in Ranked before it was yanked out. the thing didn’t even get placed into QuickMatch. I don’t see them repeating a mistake they just made a few months ago.