Stuttering mess on PC

I’m on a 7700HQ with a 1070 and I’ve just about had enough of this game. No matter which settings I choose, ultra, low, a-sync compute or whatever, v-sync, this and that I can’t fix this ■■■■■■■ problem, I’m constantly micro stuttering every 10 seconds and it’s literally become unplayable, because I have to suffer losing a lot of 1v1’s against scrubs since my ■■■■■■■ screen freezes for a second and then I just find myself dead.

Nothing is running in the background, every other game works flawlessly, my PC is fine, it’s just the game and its settings that need to be tweaked. So, is there an actual fix, or do I have to uninstall it? Porco dio.

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I had this problem and thought it was my pc but I’m getting it on console too. Gears keeps putting me in garbage lobbies and fluctuating my ping. If I go into a private lobby, 25ms ping, few problems. As soon as I go into ranked, my ping jumps around and I get tons of micro lag.

TC has ruined this game for me.

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Private lobby = 5ms ping

Online = upto 30ms

= BS

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So it’s a connection related issue? Not hardware/software?

I don’t get any stuttering on PC most of the time. May have to close Chrome or the Xbox app while playing though. Or at least minimize them instead of keeping them up in the background. Those sometimes give me stuttering sometimes.

Both are possible. I’ve had both. The PC issues were fairly easy to resolve. As for connection, I replaced everything from the street to the game systems and it still does this. Friends in party often get it at the same time so I know it’s the servers.

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I used to have game freezes and stuttering on new updates and a guy in here told me the driver rollback. (382.53 Nvidia driver) with the fix I no longer experience stuttering or freezes… Gtx 1080 and i7 6700k stock speeds

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are you getting something like this?

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Hou much RAM op? What resolution you playing at ?

Whilst this fixes the occasional freeze - those drivers actually made me BSOD (albeit only once) I’ve since updated to 416 and the game sometimes freezes but doesn’t lock the system up so I just reload Gears and hop back into the Match. Granted having to do that in a match vs diamonds and O3’s can cause some issues for the team but guess it’s better’n outdated drivers.

ouch… mine has yet to bluescreen with these :frowning: sorry about your bad luck… it actually fixed all my issues lol…

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That happened to me very frequently and I solved it partially by increasing the ram memory.
Now with 16GB the stuttering only appears to me in very rare occasions.

In your case I could bet you have 8gb and if that’s the case I suggest you expand your memory.

That’s exactly what happens at the beginning of every match, and although it gets better after a few minutes it still stutters consistently like towards the end of your video. A full second frozen and then you find yourself dead. I can’t stress enough how much you nailed my situation with that video.

I recently encountered stuttering issues in Skyrim, and I fixed them by installing the game on the SSD (C:) instead of the HDD (D:). Maybe I’ll try the same with Gears, problem is this game is ■■■■■■■ huge, and 132GB is a big hit (by the way why is it so huge?). So it still pisses me off honestly.

For everybody else, I have 16GB of RAM and it’s dual channel, so I don’t think that’s the problem but thank you for helping out.

i had to go back and take a look at my settings after this started happening out of the blue these past two weeks, watching the task managers performance as I started matches. just chalk it down as another PC issue that wasn’t here in previous versions.

Im getting 100% CPU load much of the time when I have Ultra enabled across the board. I turned it down to High, and it’s now happening less with the CPU hovering around 85%-95%.

EDIT: ok i just read your OP and I’m not really sure what to suggest. it feel like it’s an issue with the game to me as it only started happening recently and as you can see in my video it’s throwing those connection errors that I’ve never seen before.

you could be correct that it’s a connection problem but in my case it will go away for the rest of the match after that initial stutter.

Mine doesn’t stutter but I can’t get my taskbar to go away so everytime I turn too much it’ll come up and i’ll click off the game when I fire, i’m in full screen and I have the taskbar on hide… but yeah, glad I have the xbox too.

Many problems started from the 1809 update of Windows 10, and is that patching certain vulnerabilities, have impaired the efficiency of the CPUs, which causes now strive more to the point of saturation.

In this topic I explain how this situation can be fixed:

So apparently the culprit was my HDD. I started having the same problems in other games too, so as a last resort I decided to move Gears to my SSD and there it ran smoothly. Eventually I replaced that HDD with another SSD and it’s working great as expected. Thank you to everyone for helping out.

that’s what i get here and there

GTX 1070
installed on separate ssd
24gb Ram

have the latest nvidia driver