Stuttering, High Input Lag and others with the last patch!

Since the last patch was released I’ve been having some important issues:

  1. Drastic and random fps drops (not just during a match but also in the menu);
  2. A quite important input lag (I play with the wired xbox controller);
  3. The game simply decided to become bilingual, so my italian version it’s now half in english for apparently no reason (and this specific problem is shared with the xbox one version).

If it can be helpful, this is my configuration:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
RX 5700
16GB Ram
Windows 10 64 bit
Also, I have the Microsoft Store version, not the Steam one.

Please fix it, in this conditions the game is not playable.

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I do agree
For me, it almost feels like the controller is broken or joysticks are too unresponsive. Compared to many other games.

Same on xbox one vanilla on all points.

Right now game working perfectly :heart_eyes:

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Did you do something in particular to solve the problems?

No. One day this game works well, another day this is shipwreck. To be honest basically the second :neutral_face:

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At least it works for you sometimes! For me it’s shipwreck all the time :sweat_smile:

yeah same here on pc, used to be butter smooth