Stuttering/freezes pc


At the beginning of the year I had as a pc :

-Gigabyte Z390-UD
-I7 9700K

  • 16 Go DDR4 @ 3200mhz.
    -KFA2 RTX 2070 Click OC
    -Ecran AOC 24" 1080p à 144hz G-Sync.
    -Windows 10 64 BITS.

The game ran flawlessly in the High preset. Whatever the modes: horde, solo I mainly play Horde mode.

Then I sold my config, and I got back to it 9 months later, that is to say 1 month and a half ago with new config

-MSI Z390 A-PRO.
-I9 9900KF
-32 Go DDR4 @ 3200mhz
-Gigabyte RTX 3070 Vision OC.

  • AOC 24" 1080p à 144hz G-sync.
    -Windows 10 64 bits.

And at I have stuttering; freeze, and sometimes stuttering explosion. No de’oc on my config, tried all the settings.
Everything is up to date on my pc, whether windows, motherboard drivers and gpu with the latest nvidia 460.89 driver.
I even formatted to redo a clean installation

It’s frustrating because I love this game and on my other games I don’t have this problem.

I know you tried all the settings but is there another thread where G-sync was identified as an issue? You tried turning it off? My PC is lower end than yours and it’s fine.

Hello guys,

Now my game is excellent. In fact, I installed new application xbox for pc, before I used companion application (original application for windows).
And I decided to tester the game with companion and the game is excellent now.
So, now, I use not new application xbox, I use companion (original application).

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I’ve tried every possible setting I could think and have no luck either. Game ran fine at launch, came back after some updates and it’s not broken and filled with stuttering at random times. FPS is over 100 the rest of any match.

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