Stupid game features you want

What are some stupid game features you want

I want the ability to get the achievement or troohy pop up every time you do the requirement

If you buy a special version of the game you should get the option to change the thumbnail picture to what it was advertised to look like

If you somehow lose your save file you should be able to get a a generic save file back based on your achievements or trophies. Like if you didn’t have ps plus for a while but have the trophy for killing all the berserkers in ragnarok but then getting a ps5 and have to start the whole game over. (Just as an example haha)

When you die in game, you die for real.

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I want the rewards i get for doing something difficult in the game to not be handed out to everyone else for free later on in the games life cycle.

Like everything in avengers at the end of the month

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