Stupid censorship

I wanted to go on a rant about censorship but I’ll just say isn t this series rated m for much more logical things to be censored. You already made the gore less detailed like many others have stated

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Not to wreck your thread, but you might have missed the heated thread going on about this already.

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Oh ok. Thanks

There is no censorship. Smoking was never apart of the series, save a single character in a single DLC. Any articles stating anything else is just clickbait. You cant censor something that was never there anyways.

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Nobody asked for Gears to be censored in any sort of way. They should stop trying to appeal to sensitive snowflakes, and do whatever fits Gears properly


If they were going to “censor Gears,” it sure wouldn’t be for something like this - whether people realize it or not, smoking is a serious health issue and can lead to a shorter life span or other health issues, so to me this is smart …. not condemning anyone who smokes ect - their choice of course - and Rod was the one who ultimately decided to do what the group asked …. Has no problem with this …. as I said if they were to get on the game, it’d be for the violence more than someone lighting up.

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True but every addiction is bad for you and has serious issues. Gears of war 4 had rng microtransactions so people with bad completion tendencies or gambling problems would probably be worse than someone smoking if there psychological issues are really bad

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