Stupid AI bots in horde

I’m almost done with this game entirely, I haven’t logged in and played a full match in months, and something I’ve noticed is that when you start a lobby to do the dailies, your AI teammates are reta.rded at best.
Literally grouping up standing on your fkn feet the whole time between rounds and when starting. Even actually blocking you from moving and placing the fabricator.
In between rounds and even during some, I’ve had the AI stand on my toes whilst I’m trying to shoot… which simply blocks my shots and is obviously annoying.
Would it kill them the code the AI to possibly give you a few steps of walking room at all times until you get downed?


OMG sooooooo much this

Like SO SO much it’s jus not funny

I usually turn the bots off when I’m farming for daily objectives. They can sometimes steal your kills also, so having them off is usually easiest IMO.

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I leave them on usually, especially when needing assists.
Weird part is that despite my lobby name being
“Daily objectives, play however you want”, the last 3 days I’ve quit out at wave 8 to 12 at the highest, and always with 3 or more people who joined. So there’s either a lot of people playing or a lot of people just popping on like I am and doing their dailies

You can trap the bots in corners with weapons lockers and other big objects. I trap them out on the map as decoys.


Lol. You can also melee at them and they’ll leave for a while.