Studios verses challenge / get a grip

been trying since this challenge went live , been playing at diff times over 24 every other day average wait for a game OVER AN HOUR (im in the uk, no connection problems at all)

I have managed 10 games in 3 weeks, how is this fair too peoplw outside the us, yes I could go LFG but all they are looking for is sweaty`s, dimond players

currently been searching every game mode for 30 mins at a time for 6 hrs, thankfully I have music vids too keep me sane.

KOTH & TDM are probably your best bet for finding games (relatively) quickly on EU servers.

I’m in the same boat in Oz, managed to get one TDM match and have not been able to get into a game mode since, which sucks because I quite like the Studios skins (not that I’ll actually use them, but I still like them).


managed too get 2 YUP 2 matches of tdm in about 4 hours, seriously not good enough for a AAA game with no region control, currently been waiting for 35 mins for another match, I mean this is just terrible for this day and age of gaming

You might be better off posting in the Wanna Play Section.

If you can get or join a 5-man team, matchmaking will be far quicker than solo.

I do know that, but multiplayer is meant for everyone, and so far it seems regardless what time I play, there are NO randoms, single players looking for a match on gears at anypoint in any 24hrs now that has too be false, but we will never know as tc will never put a player population guide in a gears game

What’s your location?

Don’t want to seem patronising here but have you tested your network recently? Could be something stupid like your NAT types suddenly developed some serious prejudice :thinking:

I was going to say it could be NAT type if he was in a populated area.

UE at least displayed this so you could see it in game.

However if you do the MP test on your Xbox -
It will tell you there.

thanks for the advice, however I re test the connection, twice a week too make sure, its solid as I cn make it, hardline connection etc, no major jumps, im from Edinburgh, Scotland, good internet connection all round, on a good note I now only need 5 mpore matches, o wait its taken how effing long too get 5 matches in the 1st place :rofl:

OP mentioned they were a UK player, I was just in a game of TDM and then a game of KOTH, to finish up my last 2 games for the studio skins.
I dont even like them.
I did it for the cheevo. :joy:

Edit: forgot to mention I am also a UK player.

that’s why im grinding the ■■■■ out of this lol

Might be worth looking at NAT settings.

That’s something on your end most definitely, I’m in EU and between 1800-2300h I find TDM ad KOTH games within 2 minutes on average.

In one of your posts from three hours ago you said you were searching again. I don’t think there’s many games on at 8AM. Maybe if you searched during the evening you’d have better luck?

My experince too - from 6-11pm - I can find matches very quickly.

From 7-8pm onwards though, you face a lot of stacked teams however.

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they are all ok, im still going with the random game search, seems like a good indicator of what most experience outside the us when searching for games, 6 / 7 hours ago I started this thread needing 10 games…………I now need 2 thanks too a couple of people inviting me in (us and canada host) but why oh effing why should I take 7 bloody hours too get a game on tdm in this (on average its 1 hour per game). so take out 2 games I need 4, that’s less than 1 game every hour 20 searching, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH, you have failed your fans worldwide with you constant tuning, updates changes, give it up you really screwed this gears game admit it and make it up for the fans on gears 5. I will not buy that game if rng, season pass and esport crap is at your forthought,because that’s not what the fans care about and you are close too killing this franchise, step up, say you were wrong and BLOODY FIX IT

I’m just saying it’s not a normal experience.

During peak times, you should be getting games no problem in the UK :+1:

Yeah especially on a Monday morning lol. People are in work/school. Honestly if you do it during the evening you’ll find games more often

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