Studios Snub Skin?

Hi, Just booted up gears since it’s been a while since I last played. I was sorting through some skins, bounties that unlocked after I logged in and I have recieved a skin called studios snub.

Anyone heard of it? It’s like white with a black ink type animation. It says it’s not craftable as is epic rarity and just says studios instead of the usual pack name or promotion.

Was is an event skin or promotion?

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Yep, they are part of the MS Studio skins, most of which are given out as part of those two challenges (complete 200 horde waves on normal and above; and complete 20 PVP ranked games). You’ve only until 2 July to do it though.

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I got given another snub skin, wonder why

Same, no idea why but scrapped it anyway :+1:

Me too, I finally scrapped the whole Skin Set.
Dunno what the another Snub was for though, ended up with two of 'em.

Yeah, I already have a full set of the Console Weapon Skins which to me look better, cleaner and sharper so had no real use for the Studios ones.

Console skins?

Esports Supporter 5 (?) packs I believe, all white skins with Esports “vents” & the Xbox Logo on them.

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Not the best picture but you can zoom in:

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I missed out on the Console Snub (go figure lol) - so I use the Studios Snub in it’s place.

have everything but the Studio Lancer…is that normal?

It’s the closest replacement :+1:

The Studios Lancer was given out for watching the E3 Mixer stream first. Then given out during a developer stream a little later due to lack of promotion from Microsoft for the Mixer stream during E3.


I managed to grab it on the E3 Mixer due to signing in on the final 10 minutes :+1:

The Studio Snub was also given away as a daily reward for signing in on Gears 4, or at least it’s how I got a second one which I scrapped.

Bit random but fair enough :laughing:

They look good but i cant part with the asking price

Good, you’ve saved a lot of money on this crap :+1:

If they ever decide to release a Black Steel Flame Grenadier, I’m in trouble.

If they ever release a Black Steel
Golden Hunter - TC will have a field day because I’m getting that :raised_hands: