Studios Horde Challange not count on PC

Hy TC,

i have a problem:
the Studios Horde Challange not count, i should have arround 100 completet waves but it is still on zero.
the Studio Versus Challange count normal.

the “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” service is allways on automatic.
i have no problems with achievements to unlock, i never have problems with previous challanges and i have no problem with the studio versus challange, just the studio horde challange is not moving forward. please take a look inside this.

Hey Sani, TC is investigating.

Please post in THIS THREAD

You mean “investigating”.

5 working days now and the website bug still isn’t fixed. Crazy


Check Xbox Achievement Tracker, rather than website.

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I’m on PC too, the tracker didn’t work. But when I reached 200 waves the achievement unlocked.
The tracking is broken but after you complete all waves, the option to claim reward will be available.

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