Studio Skins need help!

How do I get the lancer skin? Not sure on how to do it?

It says right at the top of forum.

“We’re also giving away the animated Studios Lancer Skin (Saturday) and Snub (Sunday) for FREE just by logging in this weekend.”

All you gotta do is log in.

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I’ve loged in and nothing?

Probably haven’t activated the skin yet. Give it a few hours.

Ok I’ll give it a few hours

I have mine from the Mixer Event but just logged in and checked, no duplicates. So yeah. Give it some time.

I first got my Studios Lancer from Mixpot too, haven’t gotten the Studio Lancer from today yet.

Thank you for the help

Usually these things go live around 1pm est time. So log in after that time and it’ll pop as your daily log in I’m sure.

Yeah it’s ridiculous though that they wait til 1pm EST (10am Pacific) if it says log in on Saturday technically it was Saturday 12 hours ago SMFH