Stuck on Campaign Act 2

I’m at the part of Act 2 where the game leads me to objective Transmission signal source. Then the side objective says: Investigate the area on foot. I’m currently standing on foot by the objective however nothing else happens. I’m wondering if I’ve encountered a bug in the campaign

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There’s an item you find on the skiff (i forget what its called) you need to grab it and set it on the ice

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You gotta use pulse.


@lynette96 have you obtained this from the mines yet? If so you also need to pulse the area with Jack then walk up to the area as Kait.

Mine bugged here and I had to restart the game. That or you haven’t used pulse.

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If it isn’t bugged, as long as you have the phosphorus from the Abandoned Mine and then use Pulse with Jack at the site, you’ll be looking for a small magnifying glass icon to interact with if I remember correctly to trigger the option to proceed.

Yesterday on the skiff, it basically fell through the floor.

Then it went to a loading screen and then it put us back somewhere completely different, then kicked us all out.

I’ve found where the mine is and went to to get the explosives. However I return to the area, get off the skiff and stand at the spot. I’ve tried pulsing at the spot, but it seems bugged as Del keeps say “Kait, we getting off or what” and “Kait this is it, come on let’s get off.”

I had to walk away and then re-pulse for the magnifying glass to show up.

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