Stuck inside... and not died?

I was playing Escape on The Clock with a full team. One player was just trying to speedrun it on Master. We made it to the saferoom. Second half, we cleared the first part, so the player went into first ammo room. Came out then instantly tried to speedrun it to the exit, completely leaving me and the other teammate behind. They activated the door, and went down. I hit start and was about to kick them; i guess they knew it so they left before I could kick. door was closing, and this happened:!AqdMpsoazf3zgkVp0BNJiYADqj9G

So since the door was closing, and eventually completely closed, and no one was in the evac area, if we would’ve killed all remainding enemies the door would’ve reopened?

No I’m just saying Escape is bugged

I thought for a fact we were just gonna instantly die once door completely closed. Wonder what would’ve happened if we would’ve beat the rest of the enemies? Would we have just been sitting there?

I don’t think it is a bug. It happens a fair amount on other hives.

I didn’t know that. That’s the first time I’ve played with someone that’s left teammates that far away and had the door closing, without them being in evac area.

You would have died from the Venom

This can also happen if you’re outside and the doors close. No evac for you pal! The only option is to return to lobby.

That’s the obvious. But if this is somewhat of a glitch, could we have possibly survived the venom? :thinking:.

Probably not. You could survive for a while, if you used Mac/Lahni with the venom resistance cards and combine that with Keegan’s legendary card and his resupply duration. I presume that would make them invulnerable to venom (I don’t actually know, I’ve never been crazy enough to try it).

But after the doors have closed, I don’t think there is any way to re-open the door, or even survive. After all, the aim of the mode is to destroy the hive with the venom, so opening the door would be potentially counter-intuitive, from a story standpoint.


I dont know if what you went through is a glitch or not

But theres no way to reopen the doors to the helipad

@Circa_Darkrage yea also seeing as the doors start to close automatically when the venom is too close to the end

The crazy thing is, I thought once that door is closed, rather you inside or out, the match was always ended.

Its been a while since its happened to me but if theres someone still inside when the doors shut you have to wait for them to die. Not 100% sure though

Only if nobody is outside, so there was probably some weird registration stuff going on where the game didn’t realize nobody was outside, even though there was nobody… but it bugged out for you on the inside as well. Normally if you don’t get out before the doors close it’ll just show you a failure screen.

That normally applies when you close the safe room door.

This could’ve been what happened, because they left once they realized they were gonna get kicked. So the game probably registered it that way.