Stuck in onyx 3

Could someone please explain how this ranking system works cause ive been stuck in onyx 3 for a month now and i have no idea what to do

Hey bud, just so you know any discussions/feedback on the ranking system should be done in the main ranking system discussion and feedback thread. This will allow TC to see all the feedback /dicussion in one place. It would be worthwhile if you posted there since Octus does respond to people’s posts so he can give an answer on why your not ranking up. Alternatively, you can find any answer to your question over there.

As for how the ranking system works, you can read this article.

Thank you

Just keep on winning and perform alot better than opponents even if they are diamonds that is the way to go man

I don’t mean to ruin your hopes and dreams but Diamond is limited to fixed number of players meaning than onyx 3’s cannot be promoted unless diamonds are demoted. Absence of “rank degradation” prevents even more diamonds losing their rank since they get to keep it even if they stop playing the game at all.

One month left in the season, give it a go if you must but I advice you to save your mental sanity for the first 2 weeks of the new season: if you have the skill you’ll get diamond quickly (new season equals rank resets for everyone so all diamond slots will be available for a short time).