Stuck in diamond 1 glitch 0 points 0 total skill. Explain!?

Juat reached diamond 1 and guess what total skill wiped and went off two games and no points goin to my rank and leader boards say 0 now wtf

@BrooklyNxSwaGGa Yea…i had a match yesterday in reclaimed. When we were all loading in, it populated a picture Reclaim on the loading screen, and sat on that picture screen for a good hot minute. After the match started, it didn’t track anybody’s stats. At the end of the match, it populated stats for 2 out of 5 people on each team. The way the game acted loading in, it felt like a bug…I didn’t get any points and had all 0’s for every stat in the game.

It is fixed now … I had to restart the game but still was like wtf

Glad it is solved for you :slight_smile:

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