Stuck/glitch act 1

Hi - wondering if anyone can help. I am still in act 1 and I cannot find what to do next. I have attached some images on the where i am. I have killed all the hordes but the music seems like there are some still alive. Dave is supposed to be going into the vent but i have a no entry sign. I’ve looked at walkthroughs and all that i see is that you kill the hordes and Dave is sent through the vent - this isn’t working.

I have exact same.problem replayed it 10 times hoping change but nope

I’ve got exactly the same problem - can anyone please help… It’s driving me crazy!!!

Anyone?? someone must have a fix for this

Thanks in advance

Same issue… Any idea?

u guys no if a patch is coming out?

I’m having the exact same problem here which absolutely infuriates me. Nothing has been fixed since. Does anyone know how to make developers aware of this bug-infested mess of a mode the solo campaign actually is so they can release a patch?

I spent hours, and many many reloads, trying to figure this out. It turns out that you have to have the Guardian or Dr-1 follow Del into the locked room (with the blue door) after defeating the Carrier, BEFORE you go in, because the door will close behind you. It is needed for story progression when facing the Scion. Without it’s input the story can’t proceed.

I tried this. Looks like there’s still a glitch. Del goes in, followed by the two DR-1s or Guardians. Doesn’t matter if I go in or not because it zaps me in there if I don’t. Strange thing is the two DR-1s or Guardians (I’ve chosen both on different reloads) disappear. They never reappear after, no matter how many reloads.

Does anyone have any other solutions? I like the game, just wish I could get past Act 1. Lol.

I had this problem recently and had to start all over. I noticed that one or both of the Guardians/DR1’s don’t follow you into the building after the Carrier fight, and eventually nothing follows you into the section where the Buzzsaw appears. There’s a scripted event where the Guardian/DR1’s are supposed to get destroyed but as they’re not there nothing happens.

Got this too advance after having same problem. Chose the DBs instead of the Guardians and not sure if its important but they got the kill shot on the Carrier as well. Then after fight JD tells the one to hang back and other advances with us.