Stuck at Silver 3 in Guardian

I’ve been winning games and doing well consistently and my percent is not changing whatsoever. Someone help please

It’s about kills. If you just try to kill as many enemies as possible you will rank up. For instance, try just protecting the leader. When I stopped playing the objective and just played mid field, my rank soared. I went back to playing the objective though because that’s what I enjoy.

i had two games in a row where i went 10-0 and my percent stayed stagnant

Deaths don’t matter. If you want to be ranked higher you need to place higher and you do that by getting more kills. I’ve put in literally hundreds of Guardian matches with friends that are anywhere from B1 to D5 and the D5s aren’t even the ones killing the leader the most, they are the ones getting over 20 kills per match.

alright, i’ll try it out. thanks a lot man

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