Stuck at current rank

I’ve been 100% complete with Gold 3 TDM for 3 hours. So any way to fix this?

Its advancing just not reflecting just gotta keep grinding. the same thing happened to me when I hit gold 3 for guardian. Next thing I knew I was Onyx 1 and like 22% before it reflected.

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You just have to wait.

Your in a que to move up when someone moves down.


Thanks for the answers cheers :+1:

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Don’t bother playing while you’re at 100%. You’ll get promoted regardless. All playing does is risk demoting back to gold 2 before you even promote.

It’s true that you just have to wait for a couple hours. But I wonder if the part where you said “you’re in a queue” is true.

Whenever I get 100%, I always move up within a couple hours. I don’t think it makes sense that you’re waiting for someone else to go down. Otherwise, there would occassionally be longer wait times to promote. Also, I don’t think your promotion in tiers less than Diamond is intended to rely on other people demoting.

Could be wrong, but I feel that your promotion is inevitable and doesn’t actually depend on other players moving down.


The reason why you are waiting is because the system is catching up.

You don’t move until a space is available.

That’s why if you go from Bronze to Silver - you go up instantly because there are many silver spaces available.

When you start moving into Onyx and Diamond you have to wait until someone else goes down.


1,000 Onyx 1 places

You are gold 3 100% and currently 1st in que that hasn’t promoted

It can’t move you into Onyx unless an Onyx player demotes.

Then you move up.

I remeber someone was Onyx 3 100% for a week back when it was only one Diamond Placement.

Took forever.

Interesting. I asked Nodezero about why we get stuck at 100% on Twitter and he didn’t mention this at all. Do you have a source or is it just your intuition?

I do remeber a while back in one of the videos it was mentioned the delay is due to this - and I’ve read it a few times elsewhere on the old forums as it was raised as an issue at first.

Pretty much every player on my friends list understands this also.

Perhaps TC can confirm or deny it on here as I could be mistaken but I’m confident.

The example I read was the same one given.

Limited Diamond places.

So if 100 People are Onyx 3 100% - it can’t move you into diamond if all the spots are taken.

Now people go up and down all the time so when a diamond player goes down into Onyx - it starts moving the Promotion players up into Diamond.

That’s why there is a Delay, especially at the higher end on the ranking system and less so at the Bottom.

Yeah it definitely sounds reasonable and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. I’m not fully convinced either though.

One weird thing is that I always promote at the same time my friends do. So if we all get D2, 100%, we will all promote to D3 at the same time.

Thanks for the info. Like you said, people get demoted all the time, so promotion is kind of inevitable anyway. Not gonna worry too much about the details. All I know is that I’ll eventually promote lol.

I normally promote roughly within 24 hours so no complaints here :+1:

Well I’ve been grinding for about 2 months now and I’m still stuck in silver 1. Is there something I’m missing about how ranking system works?

Your skill either matches your rank or you aren’t winning games.

Oh well thats answers my post as well, im excited to see if ive jumped up higher than expected then.

Also I checked my progression bar and it hasn’t moved at all.

Agree 100%

That may have been a rounding error. Where the 99.50% rounds dup to 100% (Before it only showed whole numbers). Now that it goes to two decimals, you’re guaranteed to go up once you get 100.00% because you’re truly 100%, not just visually.

Not true.

The decimals were always there.

My friend on PC would be able to see the decimal changes online because he would go to the website and be able to the see the code which showed the percentage as it shows now on the website.

Also, once it shows 100% you are guaranteed to promote - I never disputed this.

Yes I used to do that too. But you missed my point about rounding.

I’ve never experienced the rounding, myself and it’s too long a go now for me to say for sure, however it never rounded “up” or higher than I was.

So it wouldn’t show I was 66% if I was 65.99%

But that’s from what I remeber.

I know this is super old, but I just found a relevant tweet and thought of this thread.

Based off that Tweet, seems to me that you have already secured your spot in the next tier.