Striker Or Blademaster?

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In addition to @Bleeding_Pepper’s great rundown the Blademaster is character that requires a lot of personal Perk upgrading to be truly successful. As already stated all your Bleed is done from your Bottom selection personal perk, so wave 1 on Frenzy is always kinda hard as a Blade.



Well darn.

Thanks for clarifying though, but it sucks that I still have to level up striker anyway to get the new skins and such, though thankfully I don’t have to level up the cards with it.

I did a master horde with striker and out damaged the team and carried us to victory with the striker at level 13, apparently using ultimate with a breaker macs on a carrier is somehow safe and easy damage.

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Striker’s Ultimate stuns / staggers bosses and mini-bosses. So going up to one with Breaker Mace, is safer since they won’t be able to hit back. This lets them 1 vs 1 duel with Carriers, Snatchers, Matriarch and Wardens.

If Blademaster uses Electro Blade Ultimate on bosses, they would fight back since they aren’t getting stunned or staggered. So using Electro Blade Ultimate on Warden, would cause the Warden to swing their Breaker Mace back, downing or killing Blademaster. An alternative would be to stun Warden would Flashbang then use Ultimate. Going up to Snatcher, Carrier or Matriarch with Electro Blade would probably not end well.

Outside of venom against melee enemies like Juvies and Rejects, Striker would probably survive better with Stim on each melee hit, plus the bonus GSD Legendary card explosions on melee kill, which has very short point blank range anyway so not that great.


Weird, I was just stunning wardens and a swarmak the other day with my blademaster Ult.

It’s not normally a sustained stun though. You can stagger them initially with the Electro-blade as you knock their helmet off, but aside from this you can’t stun them. At least not on master difficulty anyway. Either way as long as you’re using it in venom, you can slash them several times (5-6 times maybe?) while they are staggered and the bleed will be enough to finish them.

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Which should be fixed at some point. The description since launch is “something something stuns and staggers enemies”. Shock Chain kinda has that effect and you can stun Carrier with it as long as you flash him before approaching him.

This is odd,

I agree with with you here. I just played Blademaster today and the ULT stunned 1 warden but then another spawned and it wouldn’t stun that one.

Clearly there are still many bugs to work out.

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Wardens are also weird now. Had it happen to me and others a few times where running into or the Warden running (or rather walking) into us caused damage.

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My lahni ult never stuns so who knows the case

No sir. Blade master melts wardens/snarcher/slump/matriach. Even a swarmak. Pretty much all ground bosses. Its awesome. Just melee from the side and behind.

Matriach can grab you tho so gotta be careful.

Blademaster is a badxss class.

This is a relatively old post. Not sure whether the full potential (and all bugfixes) were discovered and resolved back then. Blademaster waaay outclasses Striker in almost any point. You can go as far as to making over 10k dmg with a single Breaker Mace hit (not even the big charged hit), topping that off with 150% bleed in comparison to the lousy 50% of the Striker, it’s absolutely destructive. The damage resistance also makes an absurd difference on Master Horde once double damage kicks in. Striker dies way too quickly while Blademaster is just running across the map.

The only small advantage of Striker is the stunning effects of the Ultimate. In any other aspect, Blademaster is laughing at Striker. Even Brawlers “All The Glory” outclasses Strikers “GSD” card.

In Escape, Striker is only really much use when there’s a Mace around. Yet again, Blademaster can be used in pretty much any hive in comparison. While Striker gets Stim per melee hit, it ususlly gets shot off instantly and feels almost pointless in most hives.

Ähem, it’s 55%. Don’t undersell a great class such as the Striker…

The only hive I would ever advise anyone to use Striker on is Melee Brawl, and even then Protector would still be the arguably better choice if you had to use one of the promos.

Having said that, there’s better choices even for that hive that aren’t a melee class. Tactician can get players ammo if they choose to get the two Longshots from the snipers in act 1 which makes the Imagos effectively a joke to deal with. Also decent for any Drone Elites that may spawn in act 2.

What about the updated versions, now that they gave the promo classes a big overhaul this OP?

Pretty sure that a Blademaster still wildly outclasses a Striker in the majority of categories but the Striker does initially have an advantage with the mace bleed being higher without any investment in perks(assuming the bleed card is maxed). With the Blademaster bleed perk maxed, however, it is still higher than the Striker’s mace bleed card even at level 6. And it works with all melee while Striker doesn’t get any bleed without a mace or pipe. And it’s still going to be squishy as all hell.

Here’s a challenge:

Play three hordes (we can go advanced to be less punishing).

First, play as the protector but no big knife (extra melee damage). Bloody blade is fair though- considering the passive…

Then, play as blademaster but no bleeding perk/TOTH/blade dancer. Extra melee damage is allowed here- considering the passive…

Then play as the striker utilizing any build (since no bleed perks or additional melee damage)…

You have to keep a CQC/melee approach while playing though.
Then see how much of a crutch y’all are reliant on.
I can admit this wouldn’t necessarily make striker come out on top. Probably because protector gnasher is brutal, and there are ways to also keep blademaster alive and bringing the damage even limiting its inherent abilities.
But there is more parity among them if you remove one aspect of each class.

Why does everybody behave like this is a baseball video game or something- where there is only one viable team.

Striker in conjunction with any other CQC is unfuckwithable —- they can approach heavies and mitigate their attacks until a bleeder can bring the DPS/DOT.

Obviously though, if a tactic is available, we will exploit it.

Blademaster will outperform all the other melee classes. The only thing I like the protector for is his bleed damage healing- which is more effective at surviving against heavies than TOTH. But blademaster is more effective versus drones because they tend to die before a lot of bleeding health regen can kick in for protectors.
Strikers I just gain stim and standing execution or whittle down heavy health with overkill spam before melee continuance.
With the challenge issued above, it’ll just make us all better melee players by happenstance of basic gameplay. Adding back in all those perks/tactics/weapons after will just make us all more efficiently powerful.

I don’t see how this challenge proves anything by arbitrarily removing a “crutch” from each class’ repertoire. Each class is what they is, and the Striker, while improved, still doesn’t compare to Blademaster. Not by a long shot. And the Blademaster can handle larger enemies like DR1’S, Scions and even bosses like the Carrier with relative ease (and without necessarily needing a Breaker Mace either, although it obviously helps greatly).


Blademaster is still superior.
Striker now benefits a bit more from “First Strike” in terms of long-ranged combat e.g. with a Longshot but Blademaster is just way tankier and overall destroys things faster.

Striker has more potential in Escape especially if melee isn’t a favorable approach for the hive.