Striker class / Mace suggestions

I already made a post about my feedback for all of the promo classes.
But here I only talk about the striker class again. Not only does this needs more attention, but people added minor suggestions I wanted to share.

First of all I am really thankfully for the promo buffs. The striker changes are of course better than before. Since especially slugger and protector seem to be in a good spot now the striker class still seems to be a little underwhelming. Because of some minor reasons that should be very easy to fix from “coding side”.

(I am talking about the master difficulty in Horde)

  1. I start with the most important thing. Striker NEEDS a breaker Mace as a starter weapon. Why? Not only does he have the worst loadout from all of the classes (same as all 3 mechanics but at least they have a repair tool and a different role so it’s fine).
    Strikers whole playstyle relies 100% on the beaker mace. Of course blademaster and protector need a breaker Mace too but blademaster starts with a very strong claw (+ claw dmg bonus card) and both protector and blademaster have a 130% melee bonus it is enough to buy it from the fabricator.
    The Striker is a whole other problem.
    He is way weaker than them which is almost OK because he gets stim fast. But since he relies completly on the breaker Mace and even WITH the breaker Mace his dmg output is nowhere near as the other melees. In later waves sires needs a good amount of hits to go down (ammo goes lower fast too because of that). He should start with the breaker Mace and that should be easy to implement.
    Enforcer or overkill… I don’t care which one should be swapped with the breaker Mace.

  2. As someone who support the idea, that the whole breaker Mace should be unbreakable for all classes (still think it’s just a annoying feature with all the random stuff that can happen ) AT LEAST the striker should have a 2nd passive that the breaker Mace is unbreakable. If the ammo went out he just stops swinging. A ammo box or locker can repair it again.
    That is a needed QoL of life thing too.

The next 2 sections are about 2 cards and aren’t THAT necessary but I think the 2 cards need some fixes.

  • First strike card

While the idea is good it lacks its potential because this seems a little too weird.
You gain 100% (or something like that) atk bonus for the first strike if the enemy HP is full. Team mates that attack the enemy isn’t the problem I want to talk about. It’s the fortifications that stops the card to never be triggered.
A turret, or more annoying in this case, the fences are the problem here. If they touch a fence in a slightest way the card is useless and that happens too often. A simple fix would be, that the card is handled like the marksmans card. If the enemy HP is 90% or more the card triggers. This would avoid the fence problem and wouldn’t be overpowered or something like that. It’s a simple fix.

  • Explosion card for melee kills
    On paper this card is a must have but it has the problem, that bleeding dmg kills the enemy about 50 / 50 and will not trigger the explosion. I would say they should simple add bleeding dmg on this card too.
    The explosion doesn’t seem to be thaaat strong so it should just fix the card.

That’s it. From top to bottom, the 1. Point is the most important one and gets “less important” to the bottom. Of course I think everything is important but at least the 1. Point should be very easy to fix from the dev side.
Thank you for reading this.


Was gonna try the striker but I dunno man looked a bit boring

Protector seemed a better option for me with a better load out.

Do feel you should start with a mace with the builds that are literally mace and mace only…or at least make them half the price in the fabricator cos as we know they break and disappear very easily.


Or a Pipe would work also (it’s considered a Mace and applies bleeding). Just in case TC wants to prevent suiciding for free-maces (since both Blademaster and Protector also benefit from a Mace).

The “full HP” requirement has always been weird. At least with the Longshot you can one-shot any Drone-Type Enemy even in later waves but yeah, as soon as they’re hit once, the benefit is already lost. I really found no other benefit with the card than with a Longshot since it only applies to the first hit and the Longshot deals massive damage. I wouldn’t disagree with a Marksman-like 90% health requirement.

This card is quite pointless even in Escape… can’t even kill a Juvie next to an enemy most of the times which is pretty dumb. I mean look at Marksman’s explosion card, that one is ridiculous…


Starting with a pipe may be a good fix, it’s a lesser mace and means the class would have better damage output and could always have access to its bleed.

GSD I agree needs a fix.
Let it proc from melee or bleed kills and let the explosion cause bleed to any enemy it hits. Tweak the damage value slightly too so it actually does more base damage.


I was going to say a pipe, but other classes have powerful weapons such as bow and boom so the mace should also be a default weapon

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The class needs more protection from ballistics / ranged damage in general. Cool you get stim, but stim is paper thin in this game. The Melee Armor card needs to be retweaked to provide protection from ballistics AND melee, at 50%, as the card states, you should be able to hold on to any stim when you close the gap on targets. The class also needs that 130% melee damage card too, just to stay in line with the other CQC classes.

And as someone else mentioned, the Pipe would be perfect as a loadout weapon, plus adding it to the fabricator in general would be nice for Blademaster and Protector to pick up too, something to switch to in case one’s breaker mace is too low on “ammo”.


Mace/Pipe as loadout weapon would be nice I think, but not necessary.

Movement speed passive ability having no cooldown and being able to refresh its duration would be fantastic imo, it’s a bit clunky right now. I appreciate the clear visual and audio feedback when it’s active though. I wish a lot more buffs and skills had some sort of feedback to tell when they’re active.

First Strike card lowering requirement to 90% health for obvious reasons, like Marksman’s Ambush. Maybe also extra chance to stagger when meleeing with knife? Engaging Elites kinda feels like trying to tickle them with a leaf, and this is supposed to be a tanky crowd control class. Would be nice if Striker could stagger Elites reliably like normal enemies (not stun), but leaving the big boys for the ultimate.

Some sort of QoL for Mace/Pipe, like when it goes to 0 durability you don’t discard it. Maybe add a skill card or replace GSD with a new one that gives extra durability for Mace/Pipe and kills with them restore some durability?

If you want to keep GSD, let it trigger on Mace/Pipe bleed kills at least. If explosion doesn’t kill, then maybe guarantee a heavy stagger effect or even a short stun?

Rework Melee Armor into general damage resistance, maybe with an extra % when stimmed. Also just add standard 30% melee res to the passive like every other melee-centered class has. Alternatively, damage resistance when using the ultimate would be nice too I think.

And most importantly, doing something with ghost melee would be great.

Starting wit a pipe sounds cool
it’s not a mace but it’s a stronger melle
Remove overkill

Just like sniper
More dmg a melle hit if enemy is above 90% health

Just replace mace bleeding damage with general melee bleeding damage, not a pipe as loadout weapon or other weird thing, 50% general damage resistance instead of only melee resistance, 100% extra ballistic damage or only assault rifles/shotguns or whatever instead of only if the enemy has 100% health and maybe 200 hp stim siphon instead of 120. And gold card with similar behavior as All the Glory.

Sometimes the simplest things are better instead of overthinking weird and complex ideas, just watching how an infiltrator was using a GL or Marksman using a Scorcher confirms majority of people just don’t care on learn, and is ok ‘cause the last thing I want to do in a video game is study how to play, just turn on my PC/console, open the game, pick the character and role and start playing.

The learning curve in this game is one of the negative things that don’t allow average players try something new and they prefer play another simple game like Animal Crossing or the sims.

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One thing to note is that GSD activates with both the Mk1 (Retro Lancer) and Mark 2/3 (Chainsaw Bayonet), however it occasionally doesn’t trigger for some odd reason. Having a Retro lancer and breaker mace would seem like a solid loadout imo, with the speed boost from getting hit retro charging could be nice. Another idea to fit into this concept is adding a card or additional passive (such as Combat Medic) where executions or bleed kills give more stim. One last thing I think a Breaker mace regeneration perk would be neat. Sorry for anything spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes a little nervous commenting, I’m more of a lurker.


I’ve gone back and forth with “how much better” the striker could be… and I think it’s in a fine place.

I’ve been playing all night on tile maps and MVP on half the waves: Sometimes it’s from revives. Sometimes it’s from kills. Sometimes it’s from DPS.

The striker is the most well-rounded melee class.

But you REALLY have to explode and be aggressive with it. If you are an highly adept blademaster and are looking for a bit of a challenge, protector is good, but I’d personally like to see more master strikers in lobbies so I can see how solid they can perform when not in my hands.

Like I said, I think it’s pretty much fine now with the way things are. The first strike card is the only one that’s really questionable, in my opinion, but with varying enemy regen/vampire/etc they sometimes have the potential to keep health up (speaking of which- it’s been awhile since healing scions mutator has been featured in horde). My latest discovery is to not really “worry about it” on drones and flushers, but on scions/DR1s- instead of meleeing first strike- you unload your overkill and finish them off with melee- it makes up for the “lack of melee damage” (which it doesn’t really need since it has first strike being pretty close and you have the option of using ballistics/explosives).

You can get by waiting for a mace from wardens on boss waves. I don’t buy them until wave 9 or so if I don’t have one by then. Starting with a mace or buying one on wave one will just get you killed/wasted because you don’t have perks yet, or you’ll mop up. I mean, on master it’s more necessary, but it’s the same problem.

Unbreakable mace would be weird and I kind of like to know “how many more slams” I have left. GSD is fine and works, but unless you time your melees right on the enemy groupings, it’s not going to be as apparent.
I’ve been deliberately trying to watch my kill feed more and cherry-pick my targets to GSD in optimal fashion… I have gotten it to destroy two dropshot scions when they bunch up on wave 2 sometimes while face tanking (no mace) and those kills do happen more than you realize if you deliberately try and “crowd control”. With marksmen it’s more visible because you expect and watch you targets from a distance, and when you are in the midst of the ■■■■ and getting bombarded in close quarters, you can’t see what’s happening in your direct vicinity.

Burst with mace slams, occasionally go for swings.

And just say NO to the PIPE…
… you can’t slam those things, and that’s where you’re most devastating.

I will say though, I really am happy that people are actually giving the striker a shot now whereas before there was seemingly no merit to using them and had a reputation so bad that they were hardly mentioned in a fair light - if at all.

Unbreakable mace doesn’t meen, that you have unlimited ammo. The suggestion here is that if the ammo went empty it will just don’t break like any other weapon. Not only doesn’t any other weapon have this weird feature but especially as a melee why should the complete weapon be gone if out of ammo?

For your striker statement he is the most balanced melee class I completely disagree. With 3 melee classes, blademaster and protector are better choices and have better balancing (especially blademaster).
Striker lacks dmg which would be almost OK because of his stim progression. This isn’t the main problem. The problem is, that all his cards / play style relies way too much on the breaker Mace which he doesn’t have as a starter weapon. Instead he has the worst loadouts from all of the classes in this game besides mechanics with different roles.
On top of that a breaker mace is expensive with 4k where a single hit, even if you have 70%+ ammo left, can break your whole 4k weapon.
Other than protector and blademaster he starts with the worst weapon on master AND lacks of melee dmg without a mace (BM and protector at least have 130%+ melee dmg and bleeding too).

So even if I love your passion about your playstyle with the striker class who IS actually fun to play I really must disagree with him to be the most balanced melee class.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the striker class waste more ammo than any other melee mace class because he is weaker. Weaker means more hits needed, more hits means less ammo.

I understand the gist of the idea, and as I’ve played striker since launch (when it was really a shell of what it is today), I’ve probably been punished by this issue more frequently than others who’ve cut their teeth with BMs and PROTECTORS and that is part of how I had to adapt the play style to not rely on maces… and I’m certainly not trying to escalate an argument or defend myself because I feel attacked, either, I just want to clarify that I have no interest in “unlimited ammo” or had asked for that.

But I didn’t state that I thought the striker was the most balanced or most effective melee class, I said they are the most well-rounded. What I mean by that is that they can support out in the front lines and save the team from wipes (tag retrieval/revives/etc) if need be with their passive for example. It’s a little shabby given the prerequisite, but if you are engaging the enemy, first strike gives you more damage potential than a lot of classes do at 100% damage- no caveats.
Protector has 60% gnasher all the time, Striker could have 100% gnasher if needed. Or let’s go outside the melee classes and say NOMAD consecutive shot takes three crit hits to get to 100% versus striker getting a STRONG overkill blast straightaway. It’s a tough one man, but you can make it work if you get resourceful.

And they don’t get to hide in their safe space (bubble) or make a death zone (electro blade) when things get tough… ya gotta be way more bold as a striker ——— haha okay that’s just a little tease I’m throwing out there. I like all the melee classes.
But that’s another of the issues that isn’t discussed: why does a melee class HAVE TO INCLUDE BLEED to be effective??? If protector or BM didn’t have inherent bleed capabilities, would you notice? Would your damage output be the same? Would you enjoy playing those classes as much? As an extension on those questions, are melee hits SO POWERFUL that they become ungodly at double damage (yes, I’m aware that they are more than double for those other BLEED classes)? On paper it sounds significant, but is it as strong at double plus as a long shot/other offensive option? Also, I like having a trashy enforcer to swap out for whatever I can find on the field even if I do gravitate towards certain weapons… if I’m hung up on having a mace 100% of the time, that leaves a lot of firepower on the field. So I’ll swap out that enforcer for a boomshot, wait for the active to be available and then slam those rounds into the biggest group/flier I can see with extreme prejudice—— 100% active boom damage to an entire spawn of undamaged enemies doesn’t just tickle them. There’s always another creative and useful way to dispatch enemies without melee on the striker. That being said, I wouldn’t complain if striker was changed to have a mace as primary over enforcer (I like the overkill a lot more for that FIRST STRIKE stool softener).

— I’m not trying to single you out, I mean the rhetorical “you” (us players collectively).

Those are honest questions that I pontificate on when comparing and contrasting melee classes specifically. What is the fixation on bleeding for melee classes? It’s like a crutch almost. What is the other obvious effect mechanics consistent with other classes???
Stun- see ultimate
Stim- see Stim Siphon
Explosive- see GSD
Fire- eh see BRAWLER I guess kinda
… oh ■■■■!!!
What about freeze on melee?!?!! Instead of like double damage give freeze damage on melee—- as an additional passive that could be really COOL hehe. Pilot can kind of do that, but if it were tweaked for a striker.

Striker is a defensive/stim melee type class. It’s not damage dependent but can explode with the mace when needed and demands more adaptability as well as understanding a good amount of the games basic tendencies. Like how to approach elites without getting trapped in a desperate stim battle, cherry-picking targets for maximized GSD effectiveness, knowing what the enemy animations Telegraph to us, or being aware that DBNO teammates don’t always appear with any onscreen indicators. More situational awareness and less kill mongering. It’s a good class- well rounded. It can hurt things, it can self sustain with stim and minimal ammo, it can move faster than a jack often can. Probably the worst things against it is that it needs A LOT of the perks and a mace to actually function as well rounded as I have claimed (in addition to being able to grok a lot of the other intangibles of Gears).

GG Gears!

“But I didn’t state that I thought the striker was the most balanced or most effective melee class, I said they are the most well-rounded.”

OH maybe I misunderstood you there.
Man I really love your passion about your striker playstyle really. It’s OK to have such a loving class. To me the protector is my main class I really enjoy him.
That’s why I am so happy that he finally got a buff.

And btw don’t missunderstand me. I am not telling u something like u are wrong or something like that I appreciate to hear other opinions especially from a striker main in this case. I just thought about all classes and felt, that striker could have been a little more better overall. At least we both agree (or won’t complain) if he has a breaker Mace as a starter weapon. That really seems necessary.

I just thought there were 2 cards who could need a fix to see their potential.

But with 1 thing I am very strictly. With the breaker Mace to break completly I will never support this :slight_smile: feature.
When ammo goes out he should start using knife instead of breaking the mace and that should go for all classes

Haha me claiming they are the most well rounded is a bit of a stretch, I’ll admit, and I don’t take your opinions personally… in matches with other protectors or blade masters, I always defer/mark maces for them because I can personally squeeze by a bit longer without one, precisely for the reasons you stated in regards to weaker melee= more hits/ammo used. It’s pretty good where it is.

There was another recent thread about the mace and it’s ammo decay issue where I posited that you’re not just purchasing a 4K melee weapon, you’re also purchasing a slight (???) damage resistance buff, and that maybe a compromise for the total weapon loss could be mitigated a little bit by making that damage resistance linked to the mace considerably higher… while this doesn’t address the weapon perish upon ammo depletion, it would give you a few more chances at using the mace rather than losing the mace, even if it’s not by much.

I don’t personally mind the inconvenience of having an expensive weapon tied to the class, it’s not much different than say a GUNNER needing a trishot on wave one and losing it due to weapon cleanup/not having perks yet/ammo capacity/dying/etc and it’s still cheaper than buying a repair tool only to die. It’s a gamble…

Protector is a beast- I almost dare say I like it more than blademaster.

“in matches with other protectors or blade masters, I always defer/mark maces for them because I can personally squeeze by a bit longer without one,”

That is a nice thing u do for others there. But for me the striker should be the 1st one to get the mace.

" I posited that you’re not just purchasing a 4K melee weapon, you’re also purchasing a slight (???) damage resistance buff, and that maybe a compromise for the total weapon loss could be mitigated a little bit by making that damage resistance linked to the mace considerably higher…"

Well almost. I think the" ammo goes down with hp" thing is compromise enough. Especially as a melee who always has a higher risk to go down (completely). Fair enough to at least keep your weapon with 0 ammo and can’t use the mace anymore unless you pick up ammo / use locker.

“Protector is a beast- I almost dare say I like it more than blademaster.”

Well I dare! After playing blademaster I really love the protector more. But that is maybe just me.
While I wouldn’t say the protector is “better overall” I must say the playstyle with the protector is insanely fun. Before buff protector was a “I will kick u out of lobby class” but now I got kicked less. That’s with all the promo classes now and that is the best thing to say at the end of the day :slight_smile:

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