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Stricter Matchmaking Now In TDM?

(Jared xz) #105

Envii implied playing solo isn’t as competitive as playing in a stack. Lancer questioned whether playing in a stack is actually competitive since they’re most likely playing against random solo players. Hence pubstomping

(TGLT Clutch) #106

how will you prove that?

(Jared xz) #107

It’s quite obvious when you’re playing against solo players. No lancer cover, selfish playing, uncoordinated attack/defend.


You’re basing your premise on assumptions based in games in which you did not partake in. I still fail to see your point

(TGLT Clutch) #109

you’re saying that most of the time you are playing solo players if you’re in ranked. I belive that’s not really true when you’re onyx 3 or above. Most of the ‘high skilled’ players decide to play with others to not lose because of bad teamwork or teammates.

(Jared xz) #110

First of all, I’m not trying to make a point. I was clarifying what lancer said. Secondly, just because it’s an assumption, doesn’t mean it’s unreasonable. Ever heard of deductive reasoning?

(Jared xz) #111

But I am onyx 3 and above and I play solo. I was just speaking from experience. Also, there’s a bunch of high skilled players out there that dont stack. Why else would TC feel the need to implement stricter matchmaking?

(III EnVii III) #112

That’s the point, there should be NO downside to 5-stacking.

It’s a team based game, I’ve listed the many reasons why you should always try and 5-stack, it’s also beneficial for the Matchmaking system as it can put you into games much faster or searching as a 4 helps out the solo player get into games quicker too.

The whole point is - TC have put a stop to this essentially and that should not be the case.

I’ve had hundreds of replies combined in my two threads about how people have been affected by this.

At the top end of the skill level - you need to 5-stack - imagine being 4 Diamond players and getting a bronze on your team, this DOES happen and it’s a TERRIBLE experience.

You are viewing this issue as a narrow minded individual here.

This is very subjective.

Put a Diamond onto a far away server with high ping and they will of course look like a “mediocre” player agaisnt a organised Onyx squad.

The point is, there are so many variables to consider on this but I don’t judge players myself - they have their rank for a reason.

Again, you are so narrow minded and presumptuous without merit here.

TC cannot give me an equal match within their super strict MM algorithm now because it’s so strict and the playerbase in the EU is so small that I literally cannot match with anyone.

When you are rated in the top 1% of players it’s extremely difficult as it is.

I don’t enjoy “pub stomping randoms” - you do know this actually lowers your game IQ and skill level because you play so casually that when you do hit a sweaty game, you are literally playing catch up again.

However - there is a difference when you can’t get games whatsoever and between being able to play.

Like I said, I’ve tried searching solo multiple times for 60-90 minutes each time, no luck.

I never experienced this previously.

And if you think that’s how my matches went anyway well this was possible before and now isn’t because guess what? Nobody is playing this game anymore now in the EU at that level as who is going to wait 60-120 mins for ONE game?

Here are just two examples of really difficult games I was getting - I admit it’s hard to get these games all the time as I said low playerbase but these were common too:

So I’m no “fake Diamond” - I can play at the highest level and that’s what I want but above all, I do want to be playing.

Now, I don’t get anything.

NO **** Sherlock!

I’ve already stated 100 times over that my Region and Platform was already limiting my games BUT I was finding games.

It’s gone so bad now that even when I know there is a 5-man Diamond stack searching in KOTH or TDM - the MM system STILL wont put us together.

It’s so strict / broken.

I don’t have the luxury of being in the USA which has the US and huge Mexico population to support the game.

The strict MM should be used sure, however, it should have a timer on it to default to regular MM after a few minutes so people can actually play.

You are right, I could easily do this :sweat_smile: and some of my friends have already been forced to do this - but then, as apossed to what Lancer thinks, the matches would be RIDICULOUSLY easy and it does get boring quick.

It isn’t as competitive, of course it isn’t.

I’ve given multiple reasons why though, not just competitiveness.

Imagine OpTiC Gaming at an event final saying that they are going to play as a 3-man from their clan and then just pick 2 players at random from the audience.

Does that make sense competitively?

But I listed several other reasons when you 5-stack:

No Quitters
Not Toxic
Not Selfish
Comms over Mic
Playing with Friends (like every other game)
Similar Rank and Skill Levels (no frustration)
Faster Matches (prior to Strict MM)
Ready for other Diamond Stacks (competing at top level)
More Organised
No Random High Ping Players

And I’m sure there’s more too.

On PC - a lot of people actually stack up, it wasn’t unusual - I’ve already said it’s so strict that it just will not pair people together.

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(III EnVii III) #114

You’re a bit late with that one when I’ve already expanded on that point above in reply - which I assume is satisfactory since you can’t give a response :confused:

(Laaaaaancer) #115

I read it.

I didn’t have anything nice to say in response, so I chose to be quiet :slight_smile:

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Feel free to PM me :+1:

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That’s no fun lol

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And tag @HayMaker304 into it too :smirk:

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Tag me too. I like fighting😄