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Streamers are dropping Gears because of the matchmaking

Everything said on this post I agree with. The only reason why I ever bought an Xbox was for Gears 1 and built my pc in 2016 only after they announced Gears 4 was coming to that also. I want Gears to succeed so it’s important for them to address issues that will bring new players in and retain them. Dr. Disrespect was actually having fun when he was playing and he was bouncing and moving pretty good. Too bad that he has to put his viewers through 10 minute queues in order to find a match.

Gears just keeps shooting itself in the foot every time it has a chance to be big. Gears 2 launch and balancing decisions like molasses slow movement and rad doll smokes, Gears Judgement, Gears 4 having 2 weapon tunings and loot boxes and now Gears 5 with long queues and f2p style MTX that turned off most of the Steam community before they even bought the game. It’s like they don’t really want this franchise to succeed at all. Like I’ve said to people on other sites, the tech test was simply a glorified demo and nothing more. Then saying that they didn’t expect such a high volume at launch is bs. They just don’t seem to know how to fix anything or balance games. Pro players complained about the flashes since ELeague and look at them now. You still get stunned through meatshields and on the other side of cover. I hope half the fanbase isn’t gone before they fix it like what happened with Gears 4.

This is my biggest concern. New players, especially streamers, are not going to pick the game back up if they see it so broken at launch. They try it, see that it’s not worth playing, then find a new game and never look back. I see it all the time with my IRL friends too - the first impression is lasting.

That’s troubling but you probably are right. You, I and all the other diehard Gears fans will still be playing but I thought that we had a chance to have a big time streamer in our ranks and have good numbers again. I really am at a loss for words at how incompetent TC are in regards to how to make a successful MP game long term. Their failures in the competitive side is a testament to that. No big time game with a serious tournament scene has the viewer and pro play two different games just like people at the gym don’t play on 9 foot rims while NBA players play on 10. How can you expect a viewer to understand how hard and impressive things are if they are using heavy aim assist and pros aren’t?

If the comp tuning is what they want to push then that should be the tuning for ALL ranked modes. Then when they see someone handle a 3v1 they understand how hard it is. Why is wallbouncing STILL not taught to people in Boot Camp and embraced by the devs instead of allowed to be viewed as an “exploit” by sections of the community that don’t know any better? Also the community has to be the one that decides what the competitive mode is and NOT the developer. There are likely many who would still want Execution to still be in rotation but since TC wants Esca, players have no choice but to play it regardless of they think it’s fun. It’s like they ignored why CS is still so dominant after so many years. Instead they keep firing at their own feet until they run out of bullets.

Won’t take them long to run outa bullets either, no spare ammo round here :rofl::rofl:

Made a thread bout boot camp teaching movement and gnasher combat so newbs don’t need to be put off by stuff they don’t understand in matches but with sooo many new threads it jus got burried, boot camp NEEDS to teach ALL the advanced moves, shouldn’t need youtube to learn what an upA is!

Exactly. The only reason why I learned about up A’s was a tutorial video Arctic did in the Gears 3 era. I learned how to wallbounce in Gears 2 because I saw someone else do it. Everyone isn’t like me. Most people see someone beat them with something they haven’t seen and they call it an exploit and complain. If this was taught instead of trying to make that dream of mp being a watered down R6 happen, then those complaints wouldn’t exist.

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Totally get ya

Be a sport a bump this up, I feel it’s important these lessons get in GAME while there’s still some newbs to teach and retain

The rights to gears is owned by microsoft now, TC was orginally a third party studio called Black Tusk Studios before MS bought them and changed their name to TC.

So, no. You wont see microsoft give up the rights to Gears anytime soon

And what happens to studios bought by massive companies and then fail to deliver?

Who knows, it’s jus never come up :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You are totally right tho, epic won’t get it back, they sold the IP cause gears 4 development would have bankrupted the studio, plus I personally wouldn’t trust them not to fortnight it up worse that TC did (tho Microsoft are really to blame there)

TC need to be ousted by Microsoft, then Microsoft have to decide they don’t want the IP, then by some magical chance it’s sold to a dev with just as much real passion as us, then we actually get a proper gears game.

I personally don’t hold out much hope of that so TC is our best bet, let’s just keep the positive feedback and criticism going and no more picking on this POS game :grin:

I’m not hating on TC here, I really liked Gears 4 and I’m enjoying a lot of Gears 5, BUT this really does feel like an advancaed Beta release, rushed out to meet a deadline, rather than a complete package…

Well, outside of the campaign gameplay, that is, that is apparently just awesome.

Yeah I actually love Gears 5 and it’s addicting just like all the other Gears games. There’s a lot of potential, but also some major bugs and the general vibe of an incomplete game, similar to Gears 4’s launch.

And yes, the campaign was incredible.

Not before they remaster 2. I miss that game. That had the best campaign, best MP maps, best version of the maps, best version of Guardian and horde.

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im a koth guy as well and this has killed all the teams.

i have all the top xbox koth players on my friends list and they barely play the game.

I play it but pretty much strictly solo or with one friend.

people don’t like playing with randoms. some people just care about rank so they try to always play stacked but for others it really is about avoiding quitters and what not.

towards the end of gears 4, many of us looked forward to the new population of gears 5 and this issue right here has killed that.

the way i see it, the ranking and matchmaking is for a bigger game, much bigger than gears.

i dont see how they will ever do good by the stacked teams as they are a very low percentage of players. well, at least right now they dont want stacked teams destroying hopes and dreams.

for me personally, right now playing with or against a stacked is extremely boring.

the problem is that, well, people want to play with their friends. it’s a mess.


Personally playing against a stack is perfectly fine because I like challenges. I run solo 95% of the time. My biggest issue with the matchmaking balancing is that I get even teams where my team is good enough that I can make plays and do well despite only winning maybe 60% or a little more of my games but as soon as I get the top 1% of silver and I’m about to rank up, the game screws me in 3 straight games with trash can teammates against 5 stacks so I can’t get enough points to keep going up. I haven’t played ranked for the last 3 days because of this. I always have to get hyped and be ready to carry because I know the game is going to screw me. I’ve been literally playing to finish daily challenges and get stars and then I do something else. Just give me competent teammates when you put me against a 5 stack and we’re good. Not people that just started playing Gears yesterday. That’s not too much to ask.

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i get matches at Onyx 3 within a minute, its execution that takes forever cause people only play that with premade teams

Onyx 3 in a 5-stack?

nope just me and a friend with 3 randoms (that always suck)

That seems like an eternity ago and I don’t trust them anymore. You might, but I can’t.

doesnt shock me i still have glitches and bugs i experience on daily play, also the matchmaking is so bad onyx 3 playing with people not in my rank who dont even know how to roadie run. matchmaking is not fun right now. i cant even play campaign without having soft lock on npcs who get caught under the map or objectives that dont update. when i play co op campaign with my friend he gets disconnected every 20 to 30 minutes and then we both have to restart our games. dont even get me started about my mouse sense being reverted back to defauly after any cut scene in the game. after gears 4 pc launch that to this day doesnt even work i thought this would be top tier, sadly its not. i hope they fix it soon because i love playing ranked games, but the unbalanced games im getting just makes the experience not enjoyable

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i thought i was crazy but this same thing has happened to me i swore i shot and i watch the kill cam and i did nothing.

Gotcha. We’re talking about the matchmaking being slow for larger parties though.