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Streamers are dropping Gears because of the matchmaking

We had Dr Disrespect, Nickmercs, CDN the 3rd, and High Distortion all playing together in a party. Combine all those viewers and you get over 50k concurrent. They have 1.6m, 1.8m, 3.0m and 3.7m followers. All except Dr Disrespect were former pro players in Gears 3. Nickmercs is now a Fortnite pro (or close to it) and ditched a Fortnite tourny just because his chat was spamming for him to stay on Gears.

Sound great right? The streamers love the game and are addicted. It’s fun. But then there is the horrid matchmaking which ruins the opportunity that Gears 5 has to grow beyond its core fan base.

These guys are washed and honestly not very good players anymore. They’re just a fun 5 stack of streamer friends trying to have a good time. They should find a game pretty quick, right? Nope. When I joined the stream, they were queuing for over 10 minutes and didn’t find a game. Individuals were getting kicked from the party randomly due to a “matchmaking error” as well. They had to restart their game a few times and kept having to watch those incredibly long (unskippable) intros, adding to the bordem.

Dr Disrespect said at one point,

I’ve played three games in three and a half hours.

Here are some clips:

Seriously TC, this needs to be addressed. I have the same issues with my friends where I can’t find games, but even low rank 5 stacks apparently can’t find any games, which is sad. Streamers collab with each other and there’s no way they’re going to keep their 50k viewers just watching them sit in a queue. They’re going to drop the game and never pick it up again because it’s disgusting. Fix the matchmaking somehow. I think it’s healthier to allow for some unbalanced matches than to just not find any at all. It’s so disappointing to have a lot of streaming potential but then see all these massive streamers drop the game just because of some matchmaking filters and bugs.


The fact of the matter here is (and I’m not justifying these problems at all) TC are NOT competent at all. They are not the company that knows how to deal with these issues. They even stated in their” what’s up” that they didn’t expect players to far exceed the numbers shown on the tech test.

They were not prepared. That’s incompetency. I hate streamers but I understand that they’re important for an even bigger player base in gears but it’s not going to happen. These problems should’ve been fixed a couple days in or at release. What was the point of a tech test? This was crucial in helping form positive player reception to the game. It failed on that so hard with all the problems. Worst part is there’s no recovering.


Yeah I was trying to get into Escalation with my team yesterday evening and it just wouldn’t have it. We tried Execution too and just sat there for 10 min before we got frustrated and most of us got off. Embarrassing for this to be happening despite the beta, the early weekend.

I’m glad steamers are getting mad at this ■■■■ though. Helps us get this ■■■■ resolved quicker. Imagine being on your fifth game and still have basic ■■■■ not working properly. Lmaoo


I raised this exact same issue in 4.

The Strict Matchmaking is counter-intuitive for high skilled players.

Especially with Crossplay Toggle - the player base is very small and you simply cannot play in your team.

The solutions are to relax matchmaking parameters maybe every 2 minutes of searching …


Solo queue would be a nightmare with relaxed party restrictions.

Solo queuing is still a nightmare and now it’s impossible to play a video game with your friends. So I’d rather them relax the matchmaking than keep the game in its current state.


They may as well open the flood gates with match making, because when I search solo I can only be put against 4 or 5 stacks. But when I search in a stack, I can find NO games. Seriously, just make the match making less strict


This is always how it ends up.

2-3-4-5 = No Games

Solo and all you play is stacks with Bronze/Silvers and maybe Gold players if you’re lucky.


I hope you see this!



Man, TC dropped the ball. I don’t really follow the whole streaming thing but i know the importance of those players around the gaming community as a whole. 3 people you want streaming your game would be Ninja, Doc, and maybe Shroud just purely on numbers and exposure. having those players get on then quit is not good for your grande E-sports TC.


Yeah don’t expect much from TC all they care about is having those fortnite micro transactions working.

I’m glad everyone watching their streams got to see 1st hand how incompetent TC is. Dr. Disrespect was also pointing out the delayed shots and slow movement. SHOOT THE FRIGGIN GUN MAN! WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?

I’ll tell you what I’m waiting for, TC to forfeit their rights to gears back to epic. I’m done hoping they’ll make a good gears game.


I haven’t ran into a lot of 5 stacks, but when I do if I re-queue right away after the match ends I’m 90% guaranteed to be facing them again in the next match.

I am consistently facing a lot of 4 stacks while playing with 1-2 friends or solo (only ever had a ~30second longer while queuing with 2 others). Maybe 4 is the lucky number or I just have bad luck.


I average 4-6 minutes on solo q… Witch occasional 10 min runs


They were good players, on PCs, looking for Execution matches.

So, they were looking for highly ranked players with crossplay enabled in the lowest populated game mode… duh…

If they had played koth or tdm , it would not have been nearly as bad…

TC cannot manufacture opponents for them…

Those guys did not think this through, going into execution, as a PC team.

I would have LOVED to see them go against @mike_yaworski and his team :wink:


Which playlist? In KOTH or Arcade solo I have always gotten instant matches besides the first few days when nothing worked.

It’s interesting that we have people here complaining that TC is turning Gears into Fortnite, while simultaneously arguing that TC needs to cater to Fortnite streamers. Which one is it?



Execution and escalation are the only semi playable MP modes in the game right now. Semi playble because hitboxes are still way oversized and movement/shooting is delayed AF.
All other modes have aim bot levels of aim assist… you know… for the casuals.

Seems they knew this too and queued up for 1 of the 2 game modes where some actual skill is required.

You’re blaming them when the fault is 100% The Coalition’s.


It may be because I’m in lower ranks, but I find games in under 30 seconds. Sometimes by the time I click the search button, within 5 seconds it starts joining me into a game. I’d assume since they’re trying to play in a squad it’s much harder to find a game that way. Same with people that are Onyx and above.

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i think its the servers that do it. i had games where it felt great and responsive then all of a sudden a matches will be clunky and doesnt register buttons , get stuck on walls.
Had a match where i died last and the next round my button presses were still going through the system and started rolling and bouncing.
Like my button presses are backlogged with my campaign progress. :laughing: