Stream Raffle Quest Question

So I am a little curious about the Raffles that you can enter from the quest screen in the mixer of live streams. It doesn’t really tell you more then you entered it, how do you know if you won or if you lost? Does it just notify you if you win and if you lose nothing happens?

If you click on the house icon then into your profile picture, There is “info” and “reward”
It should appear in the reward section :slight_smile:

It posts the winner of the raffle in the stream. Then you find a pack in your inventory. 3 of my friends have won stuff and they all said that’s how it goes.

If you won a raffle

TC will message you on Xbox Live that you won a raffle and automatically deposite the prize into your account. This can take up to 7 days after the event to get notified.

The Other way as @Aziz_XXCOOLXX mentioned is by visiting and then proceed to click the home icon (if your on mobile) , followed by clicking the default user avatar icon. This will open a panel which shows the rewards tab and will list any stream raffles or quests you won once clicked.