Stream. N vibes

Watch i3smokepi with me on Twitch! Twitch

Me personally, I feel like I would’ve gotten banned for this.

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This wont possibly be your only post here with us, will it Smoke ?

You couldve atleast commented around first and pretended like you cared lol

Only one way to find out…

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@RelaxingKoty can you see what you can do?

I feel like this person is never coming back. So, in a way, he is banned.

Whoring yourself out is never a good idea to get views.

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Oh, gee! Grand idea! I’ll be sure to avoid this stream at all costs!

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I’d be ok with a streamer section on the next forums.

I wouldn’t watch much of it, but some people have an interest in it.

Nothing wrong with promoting people playing Gears, though it doesn’t belong in the general section.

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