Stream Finished - May 28 Gears of War Developer Stream

Featuring Rise DomeZ


Did they actually have anything to say this week, or was it the usual circle talk?

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It was pretty fun to watch. I caught the first 90 minutes but I am doing something else now. No new info with respect to news or announcements but lots of good discussion regarding the game.

One piece of news which was repeated from last week’s stream is that the Terminators (T-800, Rev-9) have received approval for changes to make them more visible. No ETA on implementation.


Swarm in Co-op vs AI is Tier 2 priority so that once the Ranked and Maps are being sorted out for the changes in OP 4 is going to be worked on.

As mentioned the Terminator skins have been approved so sometime OP 4 as was stated.
Changes and improvements relating to PVE.
Talk about changes to custom matches.
There was a few nice things, but once the stream video is up, so that we can go back and watch it, I will put some timestamps up for you


Gears 5 May 28th Developer Stream

Gnasher rounds being reduced from 8 rounds to 6, (Gnasher changes) - 3:48
Removing the Flashbang out of King of the Hill - 11:40
Why remove the stun effect from the Smoke Grenade, and then bring in the Flashbang - 13:15
Being able to play as the Swarm in Co-Op vs AI - 14:52
Movement Improvements - 15:50
U.I.R. Characters - 17:18
People leaving TC - 17:50
Community Service (Quitting Early Penalties etc) - 18:44
Aim Assist - 19:45
Wingman (Other Game Modes) - 22:25
Seeing other peoples ranks (Talking about the ranking) - 27:00
1v1, 2v2 Wagers KOTH (Pro League game mode) - 33:20
Make the Clayton Chrome Steel skin darker - 34:46
FFA coming to normal maps - 35:30
Gib range calculations - 36:08
Item Store (Move away from the weekly timer) - 36:22
OSOK KOTH - 37:18
Does a teammate quitting affect you- 37:42
Forcing Crossplay - 39:06
Why no “What’s Up” this week - 39:38
TC not willing to float ideas to the community - 40:32
PVE Changes - 42:42
More talk about PVE changes - 46:05
Terminator skin changes - 46:52
Changing weapon reticles - 48:00
ETA on the Ranking System Overhaul - 49:22
Buying Previous Skins - 51:18
New Maps & Map Editor - 51:52
Bring all of the Gears of War maps back - 55:18
Gears 5 Player Population (Also talking about game modes) - 59:54
Make Smaller Maps - 01:04:12
Praise for Dana and the Team - 01:05:25
Voting for Changes to the Game - 01:12:04
Rifle gunplay - 01:13:42
Final Versus Events for the Niles Boomshot - 01:21:40
Seperate Weapon Skin Slots for Swarm & COG - 01:29:08
Execution Game Mode - 01:29:24
Game Movement Speed - 01:29:54
Lancer Chainsaw/ Reload Button - 01:34:24
Classic Character Skins - 01:36:56
Vetoing Maps in Pre -game Lobby - 01:37:16
Using a part of Campaign Maps as a Map - 01:41:51


Thank you.

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I like these but would like to watch one live. I joined twitch and followed both domez and gears and never got notification of this about to start.

What am I doing wrong?


Not going to watch the stream, but I hope they didn’t think that was a good idea. If they want rings, make it Blitz where someone has to stay in it.

They usually announce it ahead of time. Dev streams usually happen on Thursday unless cancelled.

Don’t worry, it through me as well.

The Developer streams are usually hosted on the Gears of War Twitch channel and that, but Dana said yesterday that, now that Liam (Octus) has gone, he is going to start doing the Developer streams with content creators and members of the The Coalition Army, so the Developer streams are going to be hosted on those peoples channels.

The Streams are every Thursday at 3 PST unless they change it, by which point they will put out an announcement.

Make sure you go over to the Gears of War Twitter page, they post when the streams are going to happen, and they post a link as well.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Just make sure you obviously have your Twitch open up for the Gears of War Twitch channel just in case.

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