Strawpoll: Which Chrome Steel Character do you want to return?

Multiple answers allowed / pretty sure I didn’t miss any characters. <-missed the Scion.

Kait / Fahz / Casan / Baird / Jermad / Elite Drone

for me.

Damn, no love for ma main man Scion?



■■■■, I knew it.

Can’t even edit the damn thing anymore.

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I never played as CS in 4 and 5.

Sadly I can’t cast a vote and lie.

I just want the Chrome Steel Precision Weapons set. I managed to get all of the others, but this was the one I missed as they were only onsale for a few minutes before they were pulled. At the time I would have been at my dodgeball league on Tuesday evenings so wouldn’t have gotten home until quite late.

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I mean, it’s safe to assume they’ll most likely bring back the entire set for 10bucks, right?

You mean each weapon category set (loadout; assault; power; precision)? I’d presume so. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they bundled all of the CS skins into a single pack. I know TC have drawn a line under older weapon sets, but I’d love it if they made an exception and added the Scorcher as well.

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Benjamin & Swarm Hunter

Big Clayton Carmine, missed it last time

Missed the Scion back then, (1500 was way too expensive) so I hope he comes back…


Imagine not buying every one of the Chrome Steel characters as soon as they were originally available in the store.

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The Chrome Steel Weapon skins should never leave the store… it’s almost like they don’t want money by making these characters rotate out…


i just want chrome steel anthony


Well, maybe in 3 months. Unless TC starts releasing more than 1 new CS skin at a time.

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Chrome steel Anya would be cool too!

Maybe they keep adding more CS skins after they rollout the option to buy some of the old ones in a couple of weeks

Keegan - Lizzie -Dom - Swarm Grenadier - Swarm Elite Hunter are all, but confirmed to be the upcoming Chrome Steels.

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I want the Scion.

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I want Baird, Clayton, and Ben to come back. Those look nice asf.