Strategy Guide for Gears 5

I posted here a bit ago about wanting a Gears 5 strategy guide. With it being this close to release, I guess it’s not gonna happen.

I know I was one of the few people who actually bought strategy guides (collector’s editions mainly), but it’s still a bummer we’re not getting one for this game. It was great to not only know & see the location of all the collectibles, but to know strategy on how to attack on various difficulty levels with or without co-op. I know these are available online, but it’s just not the same as having it right in front of you so you can just flip the page as you play.

It’s too late now for launch, but I’d still love to see a complete version when all the new maps are released in a year or so. (Heck, I even have the Gears 2 All Fronts Collection mini-book!) Anyone else feel this way?


I used to like having the guides as they had all the illustrations and more importantly, the collectible locations before YouTube was a thing :sweat_smile:

Not seen one in years though!

Internet and YT took over I guess.

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Plus constant updates makes guides very out of date.

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I used to have one for perfect dark on the Nintendo 64. That guide was loaded with where Easter eggs were, the hidden cheese wedges, the difficulty enemy spawn adjustments, tips for perfect agent, and the cheat code time limits on each level. It was great. Thanks for the nostalgia.

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I am going to go dust off my guide for Legend of Zelda for the original Nintendo. Dude this does bring me back to a time when life was so much easier. :slight_smile:

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With DLC / Map Packs and so on.

It feels like an age ago buying them but it’s just now moved on from it.

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I believe the last strategy guide I had was for Red Dead Redemption

Donkey Kong Country 2: diddy’s kong quest, probably the one game I needed that guide for all the stuff for 102 completion. YouTube definetly killed the guide books. Who knows maybe theyll make one for nostalgia. Remember getting the street fighter uppercut in agile stage in mega man x2? Ah the good old days. @Krylon_Blue isnt this out your way?

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Strategy guides are for sissies. You’re supposed to play with no guide.

You’re supposed to get 100% in all achievements by playing the game naturally. If you’re a bad ■■■, they fall into your lap.

You’re supposed to complete the gears campaign on inconceivable Ironman solo because you want to. You then turn off the monitor and do it again, for no achievement.

I have never looked up anything gaming related on the internet, play how and when I want, and have 100% in all achievements gaming or otherwise. Even my phone battery is 100% all the time.

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