Strategies for new HORDE achievements?

We tried the 5 soldier run on insane 25 and made until 20.

Only one granadier with hammer, 2 rifle builds, 2 half rifle builds (?).


I see the zero death one with enginner swarming on sentries.

As for the zero buying. God help us… :laughing:

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Don’t know what to tell man. Me and team took forever to finish our match. We did 50 instead of 25 and it was smooth until wave 40. Kept failing that wave. Just had to push through it.
For the zero buying achievement, I found out if pick up your first teammate’s tags and bring them back to the fab it voids the Perfect Run achievement even though it’s free.

Im planning for the no spend build just having a bunch of damage scouts and myself as sniper.

Given you can fail over and over, having to replay a wave isnt an issue for two of the three achievements.

The perfect run relates to zero deaths, not the zero purchase. Those are different achievements

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Apologies. Meant You’re the support son.

Thanks! Will make sure not to use the free revive!

Bold. No heavies and soldiers?

I would put only one scout, with all energy cards, for support. No deposit bonus.

Used to be a RAGE+SHOTGUN DAMAGE fan, but after 30 it’s too risky. Even on hardcore.

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I should have mentioned, was thinking of the 25 wave variations. Much quicker and have passed insane on it before with everyone just messing about. Could do that with no spending. We had 4 scouts and a heavy that liked to blow themselves up.

We’re trying to make a solid team with forum guys.

For now we got me, HUG3_NEW3 and Ektope.

Wanna join?

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Sure! I am from Aussie land so the connection may be a bit garbage, but happy to give it a go :slight_smile:

Edit: All classes at 10, all blues and green at max, all purples either 5 or 6.

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Can I get in on this team? (Still haven’t even got the school of 08 yet)

I’ve got pretty much max skills in all classes

My advice is to do them one at a time. Trying to do more han one achievement per run is far too ambitious. The “Do You Even Lift?” one is pretty hard in itself. My advice below is based on Horde Lite - so 25 waves. I don’t see why it couldn’t be adapted for 50 though.


I’d recommend 3 grenadier build soldiers; and one hybrid mix of rifle and grenadier. The 5th player should be a micro-engineer with the 12% discount card.

Set up like a speed run. There are 2 key positions that 2 of you need to stand on to control spawns. The maintenance platform, and the second box back by the Boltok spawn room.

The biggest problem you will face on the later waves is limited fortfications and large numbers of enemies that spawn in waves over time, and an enability to maintain a sustained attack on them as they spawn. Planted shock grenades only last a while and planted frags explode immediately. My solution is simple - one or two of the grenadiers should be free roam (ie: not required to block-control spawns) and in the spot directly opposite where the fabricator goes, and throwing grenades over the high wall into the enemy spawn. This enables you to continue a sustained grenade attack on the spawning enemies from a safe spot well after the planted grenades have exploded, and helps your teammates by thining out enemy numbers and from being overrun.

Don’t be afraid to fail and retry. You could even repeatedly fail just so you can gather more money to build stuff. Obviously without an Engineer it costs alot more.

The Hammerburst is ideal from long distances.

Team Revive is helpful too.


War Machine set up like a speedrun is the easiest way. I did 2 grenadier Soldiers, 1 Scout, 1 Sniper, and a Heavy (he 5th player can actually be anything to be honest).

The Soldiers plant in the usual spots. Shock grenades are essential.

The Scout needs to be extra careful. I suggest the energise card. Also once the Soldiers get shocks, I’d prioritise the Scout for one too. The Scout should carry the shock grenade in their hands at all times. The reason is if they go DBNO they can set the shock off which creates an electric field preventing the enemy from executing you, thus buying you time to be revived.

The Sniper will have to be very alert. Sniper strikes on later waves will be needed - often multiple strikes. Also do not hesitate to use team revive.

Do not build what you don’t need. You only really need 2 barriers, 1 decoy, and maybe 2 sentries for emergencies. Maybe 1 weapon locker too. The Sniper needs as much money as possible for radar pings, strikes and team revives especially on later waves.


I haven’t done this yet, but plan to do his on Blood Drive by blocking the diner entrance with the fabricator, and using 3 soldiers with grenade damage, grenade capacity, resupply, rifle damage and cover boost; one tank/shotgun scout, and a sniper with explosive headshot and the other damage cards.

Then just camp in the diner and gradually pick off enemies as they congregate outside. He explosive headshot will allow the sniper to clear crowds, and the soldiers will regenerate grenades to throw at them. The Scout is to guard the window as I understand juvies can jump in.

Sure. Add us on xbox live.

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Ambitious but rubbish: Tried in vein to pop all 3 achievements in one run. Ran Lift with 5 soldiers set up similar to a speed run. 4 grenade soldiers, 1 “support” soldier. Somewhere around wave 16-18 a random guy spawned behind me and chainsawed me, Perfect Run lost. Wiped a couple of times between 30-39. Wiped a dozen+ times on wave 40, started reviving one teammate for free not knowing whether it would affect You are the Support achievement. Finally passed 40 once we had a carrier as boss. Made it to wave 50 (2.5 hours in at this point). Failed wave 50 for about 40 mins before I decided to leave and return with HOD. Had 83k in the bank, spammed HOD to finish. All 5 of us earned the Do you even Lift achievement.


Top marks for effort though.
I’ll take note and make sure I don’t try to do more than one at once

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Let me know if any of you got the You Are The Support Son achievement. I did 50 waves on Fallout, deployed the fab and didn’t touch for the entire match. We didn’t even revive anyone but the achievement didn’t pop.

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Add me to the list. I saw the invites but am often multi tasking. I’ll make time for a proper effort.

I managed to get ‘Do You Even Lift?’ done yesterday through early morning, after 'School of ‘08’.
We all went Rifleman + Cover Boost, one with Hammer and me with Team Revive.
Plan on doing ‘The Perfect Run’ on War Machine soon.


I’ll be on later, if you need another. I can roll any Class except Grenade Soldier.

Yeah it was crazy last night! But I knew we had to keep pushin just to get more points so that wave 25 would be a cakewalk.

Everyone else- DONT give up, you WILL die a lot at wave 20-24.