Strange lighting and texture artifacts 436,02 2070

Ever since i upgraded to 436.02 with my evga 2070 xc ultra i have been noticing weird texture and lighting artifacts, after a few games i can notice it and resetting the game fixes it temporarily.

here are some things i notice:

Gilded marcus looks glows blue

diamond skins dont load the details on the gun

lighting is strange cant really explain but on canals the light poles will all be illuminated until i get closer and itll look normal

textures look strange from afar




I want a glowing Marcus for sure :raised_hands:

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Seriously what ? Its OK I havent noticed any imperments

I believe 432.06 is just bad for Gears in general. I know I’m on a 1070, one of the most effected of the 10-series, but still, this driver freezes things up faster than ever before.

So, I can see it being troublesome on other cards also, especially with it being such a jump from the last driver, and having all the new stuff they added.

Waiting for 432.61 which is apparently the Gears 5 driver.

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Yea, hopefully they aren’t just hyping it, and actually found a fix. Again, it’ll be crazy that they find a fix right on time for the Game Ready drivers for the game. It’ll be amazing, and I’ll be very grateful if it’s true though.

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That’s their chance tbh!

I wanna see Nvidia finally fix this problem and really fine tune it for some extra performance over the tech test!

The most updated drivers at the time of the Tech Test needed tons of tweaking, the performance was all over the place. I just want it optimized so it’s stable. I agree though, extra performance like what they did with the recent drivers for Apex Legends, BF5, etc, would be nice too.


Game Ready Drivers should really be just that.

Stable, Reliable and offer max performance.

Can you record and upload this?

I really want to see what it looks like.

Gears 2 had a glitch that was hard to replicate but would cause a bunch of textures to go missing and the affiliation lights to take up the entire weapon/shield.

Poor quality video exampe:

Good video exmaple:

I can try but it doesnt happen every game, i noticed it when textures looked different from afar but would go to normal after getting close

Couldn’t get a recording but I’ve been getting similar issues. After playing for around 30mins on any setting (Low to Ultra) this is the beginning of the issues. Then lens blooms become overly bright and blind the screen. I’ve also had instances of weapons or character’s armor glowing blue or yellow. I’ll add more pictures as they crop up.

Playing in 1440p. RTX 2070 card and 16gb ram. Ryzen 2900X cpu


Booting up my campaign to see if it is doing the same thing for me.

Okay, so i hope this is the same type of issue you were getting @TSG_Baird .

I got one of the blinding light phenomena and then all my Swarm enemy heads turned yellow. As you approached them they turned normal. My 2070 was only going at 46% fan speed.

Just saw an Nvidia driver update so maybe this will change something. Hopefully someone else can attest we aren’t crazy.

I wish I could get my Blue Marcus to show back up.




(Didn’t realise my mic was on and it was next to my fan, apologies).

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That pretty much it, also on blood drive, in cog spawn room you can see jack going around scanning things , his light was extremely bright while this glitch was happening like blindingly bright, but i hope it was just a driver issue,

Aw man,

In a dark area, that would look lit,

Like literally :sweat_smile:


When i seen blue gilded marcus im like what the hell was that? Is this some kind of special character im unaware of? Then I realized it was a graphical glitch when i started seeing wierd artifacts in the map

This is the absolute best! These Swarm know how to rave.

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