Storm Figures Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus Lie

UPDATE (30 October 2019): Over a month later, absolutely no response to my support ticket and no reply to my 1st tweet ( I have tweeted again today. Just really disappointed they keep on giving partners new skins every week but can’t even bother to give me this one skin I have submitted proof of purchase for.

As the news post says here: I was supposed to get the Graffiti Gnasher for getting the Augustus Cole figure from Gamestop. I pre-ordered the figure , did not cancel the order, and did not receive the code that was promised. I have tried e-mailing and calling Gamestop and they have been extremely unhelpful.

On a second call to gamestop support claims that they “haven’t received the codes yet”. Yet there are codes online going for insane prices. I don’t believe the ■■■■■■■■ they are trying to tell me and it is probably a case of someone stealing all the codes. Overall very disappointing, especially that TC would promote them and give people false hope in the above news post. I ordered well before that news post went up too, so there should be no excuse why I didn’t get the Graffiti Gnasher.

I submitted a ticket on the Gears 5 site as well with proof of purchase, so we will see how it goes. I just want to have access to the skin, so if TC has the ability to unlock it on my account that would be fine. As a side note, I also have the other figure pre-ordered as well, so I’m not excited to have to go through this all again on October 17th for the other skins.

I don’t see why they keep doing these exclusivity deals anyway. Every GameStop link they’ve had anywhere just leads you to the US website which no one but US based people can access, even though this is a Canadian studio(same deal with the Gears 5 collector edition, not that it had anything really good in it). Haven’t really heard much positive stuff about GameStop either.

Heck, I can’t even seem to find these figures on sites I’d consider accessible like Amazon. Instead having to go to websites of companies I never even heard of. Why does having to obtain such things be so complicated? It’s bloody figures, why all this mess around them?

I am sorry to hear this happened but I will say this is one of the many reasons why gamestop will be going out of business in the near future. Customer Service is horrible, some of thier associates are generally just rude and they try to rip you off on trade ins and are just overpriced to begin with. Plus you add in digital availability now a days with many other retailers who offer release day delivery for game from the comfort of your home, why would anyone be bothered to deal with all that? Thier corporate structure is set up for failure and they do not have intention to change it up and in business if you are unwilling to adapt you will soon be a memory.

Yeah there’s something fishy going on across the board with retailers not giving out their promised preorder codes.

I still haven’t received my preorder NCOG Marine lancer skin code from Amazon. Other people have been saying BestBuy haven’t given our their pre-order codes either.

Somehow individuals on eBay are selling 10s of codes for one kind of skin, and they’re making a mint from it. I think these people are the reason normal people haven’t received their pre-order codes, somehow.

Interestingly, when I picked up Vintage Marcus from GameStop about two weeks ago, they just gave me the code with the receipt. I didn’t preorder the figure, and didn’t even know it was released at the time. I was just looking around, decided to pick it up, and the clerk printed the code on the receipt like it was for all Storm Collectible figure purchases. My buddy picked up the normal version of Marcus at the same time and also got the code.

Really? I got this msg from Xbox,

I didn’t know you could get the graffiti gnasher that way as well :thinking: interesting.
(P.s. code has been used already, don’t bother.)

It has been over 2 weeks at this point, TC has not replied to my support ticket and I am still waiting to have the Graffiti Gnasher applied to my account. They have however found the time to give certain people all of the store skins to show off. As if it wasn’t clear enough who they really care about.


There’s something up with gamestop in general. IMO, I’m seeing signs of massive closing in the near future. I had 2 issues with peripherals this year through them. First with ace combat 7 thrustmaster flight sticks being a month late. Then with gears 5 razer turret. 2 weeks after I was supposed to get it from preorder and they never recieved 1 shipment. I canceled with gamestop and ordered from razer’s site. At my house in 3 days from Hong Kong. Its beginning to look like they owe partners money and dont get the products until payment goes through. This happens to retailers when they can no longer sustain their accounts and lose credit. Gamestop has been trying to sell for awhile, but everyone interested backs out. It’s a sinking ship. No more $.45 trade in on games. Such a loss. :roll_eyes:

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The wait continues for TC to answer my support ticket from September 28th and credit my account with the Graffiti Gnasher. It is frustrating that something as simple as this is taking so long with absolutely no way to check the status.

Today I received my Graffiti Lancer and Snub from Gamestop, which is weird because the Kait figure hasn’t even shipped yet. The expected date just keeps getting pushed back further and further, but no sign of the Graffiti Gnasher.