Store Special offers

Ok so i love this this game! I really do but these skin packs in the store under the special offers tab, are way too much money, Currently the AAPE Pack is 20.00 USD and as of right now another Pack called Get Sweaty pack is 25 USD and it has less digital goods then the AAPE Pack. Also not to mention this game is 60 to 80 USD although there is the Xbox game pass deal which is incredible but I’ve already spent 80 bucks on this game. Also the packs i feel should have there own tab, instead of a time offer to further encourage you to make the purchase. Idk i feel like these prices should be lowered. Let me what you think?

Griffin was 20.00 in the store, At least with the AAPE pack you get a character skin, all the weapons, blood spray and banner

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It’s only skins, don’t buy it :slight_smile:

You don’t need them in your life :wink:

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