Store refresh 7 days?

So are we not getting a store update tomorrow, cause it still says new items in 7 days. We just gonna be stuck with the ■■■■■■■■■ selection in weeks for two weeks? I’m hurt. Better ■■■■■■■ have the new store in op 4

Are you surprised? TC has done this a few times already

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They couldn’t even be ■■■■■■ to bring back OP3 skins or any old skins for that matter? Nice. Bet OP4 will be glorious…


Thanks I dont do twitter, too many ■■■■■■■ on that platform (no offense) wish they had it posted somewhere official… like idk maybe the forum, whatever I’m not playing till op 4 comes out, ■■■■ this last week of the garbage op 3, and into the next poorly developed chapter we come! Cheers

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But they did. They posted it on their Official Forums

This place isnt the “Official” forums


Lame, just give me the zohan as a character in this game and I’ll shut up about it.

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Damn man do I have some bad news for you

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Well I was hoping the cobweb skin set was going to be coming this week b4 operation 4,Please TC is this set going to be finished.

I feel guilty now because I said in another thread that there was a high probability the skins in op3 would be recycled.

This store is a shambles to be completely honest. It’s almost like TC don’t want the money.


The store has always been the top priority for TC. For them to not update it this week probably means it’s an insane cluster to try and get OP even workable for launch. I’m going to say 0% chance it rolls out without at least one major issue.

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That they will then ignore to only fix the small issues cause hey, that’s easier right? Then based off the fixes from the small issues they will create more issues that then eats away their time until halfway through the operation we have a whole new game again and everyone keeps ■■■■■■■■ and they just put there heads down again till op 5… just one theory

Why do you want Adam Sandler in this game?

The real question is why would you not???

It’s strangely inconsistent because they either do this or they bring back all the Store skins from the past OP for one week, that’s what I was betting on. Guess they’re really going hard on the FOMO this time.

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