Store prices and real money currency


I recently started playing GoW5 on my PC and am extremely surprised and frustrated with the store prices. We are living in a time where multiplayer is common and most games offer online features, people all around the World play online and its quite common see in-game market prices adjust to their local currency.

Just like countless players Im not in the US, my currency isnt dollar, it is actually 4 times cheaper than dollar when converted. That means its absolutely unviable pay 4 times more expensive for any store items. I play several MMO games and almost all of them offer their in game store services for a reasonable price, translated to the cost that currency has compared to dollar.

The way GoW5 store is set disencourage anyone outside US or EU to spend money on it, for example, a single stack of 500 in game currency (Iron) only cost 5 dollars , but imagine if it was 4 times more expensive? Who would pay 20 Dollars for 500 Iron? Thats the same deal people from outside US and EU are facing, I wont even mention skins, 18 dollars, converted to my local currency would mean the same as charging 78 dollars for them, that is half the price this game cost on Steam for me.

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What is your currency and how much do skins cost in your currency as listed in the store?

I live in Brazil, my currency is Real. Everything shows as Dollar, so I need to pay currency exchange AND taxes whenever I buy in my CC. Many online MMOs online stores work this out by offering reasonable prices to foreign users, they just wont sell if their microtransactions cost ridiculously high due to currency exchange in some countries.

Real is currenlty worth only 0,25 US cents… so everything sold in the store cost any Brazilian player four times more in their pockets. I would love to spend some money in this game microtransactions, but pretty sure many other players feel this is just too much.

In Chile the 500 iron at launch were about $3 us but after their super engineers used quantom fisics to calculate the exchange rate now 500 iron is $6 us.

I was considering buying something eventually with the original prices but after the “update” I don’t even bother looking at the store.

Maybe Microsoft and TC masters in economics could take a look at how the same item have different prices around the world according to each country different reality. The Big Mac Index is a good starting point.

Yes, this is my point. Dollar is a strong currency, some player outside US and EU will be facing exorbitant prices when converting to their local currency. I dont see this as a good deal, for neither players or the company.

I can give an example, I like to play a particular game on Steam and bought most their released DLCs so far, I liked them and wanted to keep supporting the company. The DLC prices are reasonable with my currency, if I look at the store page some are sold for $9.99 US territory, but at Steam they only cost me R$24.99 my currency. It would cost me more than R$40 if I had to put $9.99 on my CC. They would use dollar exchange rate and even tax me international fees. I definitely wouldnt be willing to pay that, and this is exactly what is happening to GoW5 microtransactions.


That is horrible, I am sorry. The USA strikes again haha