Store just updated and esports section empty again

TC does relize if they want us to spend money for iron to buy esport items to support esports teams,there has to be something in the esports section of the store to buy,right?Or is just my store that currently empty.I was hopeing for esports shiney steel kait diaz.


They need to have quality items in the epsorts section, not a base skin with 3 triangles of chrome steel slapped haphazardly on each side to get me to buy.


I laughed… Of course it is.

Lol smh

Ayyyeeeeoooo boi

Makes me wonder if there’s a link between store updates & server crashes as recently they both seem to happen at pretty much the same time.

Maybe they think we’re more likely to purchase if we can’t get into any game modes?


Well to be fair when the servers are down what else is ther to do except stare longingly at the amazing store items :smiley:

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they are gonna add amazing halloween customs for kait, raam and marcus… they are hard at work on that, that why the game doesnt even work.

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It is kinda funny that the store always works when everything else breaks. :smiley:


the store @SaffronSnail276 its hosted on a azure server which has HA ( High Availability) and standard two point Replication between hosts . in that way it wouldnt even matter if a ARMAGGEDON TYPE OF EVENT happen on Earth, the store would always be working man .

:smiley: the game actually working or being good to play that’s another matter .


Just to let you all who can’t wait to burn some iron know,the esports section still a ghost town of emptyness.