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Store items too pricey

Anybody else think 1,000 iron for Winter Armour Marcus is a bit unreasonable? $10 USD for a single character skin is pretty terrible value. If the price for skins was reduced to like, 500 iron for the most expensive one then I’m certain more people would be inclined to purchase them.


The real problem is that Gears 5 is a AAA game for 70 $… And TC & Microsoft do as if it was a Free to Play… That’s why prices in the market are too expensive. But we aren’t stupid money cows. I like Winter Marcus but I don’t burn 10$ for it. 10$ is 1/7 price of the full game… Find the error !

Gears isn’t Fortnite.


Gamepass is basically free isn’t it?


It’s that kind of crap that ruins the gaming experience. Instead of making him unlocked by doing in game challenges. They want to take a few pages out of the E.A play book. They got slammed hard a few days ago trying to charge money for the Gears 2 classic curb stomp. They took that down. Due to the issues they have. I honestly only put about 1 plus hour in on the multiplayer. Until they start listening to the community, and stop trying to to be the next E.A war machine. The game will continue to be at the bottom of the list. Its honestly not doing so well right now.


He would’ve been a great prize for the Golden Gun event. Since there is no prize for the event, I won’t be playing it. I only play events if there’s content attached to them since it’s a waste of time.

Instead of doing right by the player they put him in the market for $10. I had every Marcus skin in 4 and only used credits and scrap, no real money. There is no reason, other than greed, why they don’t have Iron more obtainable in this game.

It’s wack.


It’s not free. What about the players that bought the full priced physical copies. Gears 5 is a full priced game with a free to play economy, it’s greed for greeds sake imo.


Damn 10 buck lol.

What a rip and you can’t defend that one.


The game can be purchased now for £22 online - so basically the marcus skin is almost 50% of the games value…uh what?


It’s absolutely insane. 10 dollars for MARCUS. Waaaat. Who in their right mind would pay that? This isn’t a f2p game. Prices reflect a f2p game. The prices need to be halved. There’s just no supporting that.

. I see the museum skin set too. Not even loadout weapons. I think it’s 500 iron for 3 weapons? Should be 200 or 150. The prices are ridiculous.


The scary thing is people must be buying them. If there was no market for it they wouldn’t continue to be in the story at that price!

Honestly if the cosmetics were cheaper and were actually value for money i would happily purchase them. For example if they were say $10/£10 for a character skin set of 4 outfits, that would be very reasonable and i’d imagine there’d be take up from a significant portion of the player base.

Just feels more like a Freemium game with the store being the only functional part of the game that has worked properly since launch!


Breaking news this morning: people would rather have something for free than have to pay for it. More throughout the day as this story unfolds.


Hmm, if you read most of the comments in their entirety people are not wanting free items but instead reasonably priced content.


No its not , 10€$£¥₱ are 10€$£¥₱ and Not free


If TC would tell us if Store items would also not cycle away permanently after being available in the Store that’d also help. Currently it seems to rely on timed availability(eg a day or a week depending on in which certain items are available) to sell them at the price they do. Like, say, the Chrome Steel Kait skin(ignoring that Chrome Steel skins aren’t the greatest out there). It’s 1,000 Iron right now, but if you want it and be assured to have it as you have no clue if it will ever return at any point in time at a lower cost, you’d have to get it at that price.


Dont bother evil…most comments regarding free gamepass ect…is trolling and nothing more…dont waste ur valuable time even replying…its a AAA release…it came with a full price tag…nuff said🙄


I paid 80€ so nothing with " free"


When they set high prices for items people expect high quality. In many cases so far the quality of the items has been sub-par when compared to price.

Better then spending $10 on a rng lootbox in 4 only to not get the Marcus skin. If we could earn iron this gears 5 system would be the best

Employment can typically fix this issue

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Just preaching to the choir my friends. It’s pretty simple supply and demand. They wouldn’t be selling these things for ridiculous amounts if people weren’t buying them. Until the gaming community can get rid of the people that “NEED” these skins, this type of thing will continue forever. I don’t understand people that need to have skins so bad that they’ll dish out a premium price for them.

Think of a world where nobody bought this stuff, and all of the really cool stuff was obtainable by playing the game - It would be amazing!