Store items bought, then disappearing

Hi guys,

Yesterday I bought two character skins. I got Thrashball Cole with 250 iron and Locust Drone for 2000 coins. They both said ‘owned’ once I bought them and usually I find they aren’t playable until I restart the the game. But I’ve restarted several times and now they have completely disappeared. Like I never bought them.

I know its not a lot but, just now if I buy anything im never sure if I’m actually gunna get anything or if I’m just throwing my efforts away.

Has anyone else experienced this and know what to do?

I’m new, So apoligies if ive made any forum mistakes


Hi there,

It sounds like you will need TC to look into this directly

Please fill out a support ticket:

Note wait times are unfortunately quite long.

All the best :slight_smile:


Thanks will give it a try :slight_smile:

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This happened to me once back in Op.3,; the skins I bought were marked owned but I was not able to select them. I tried restarting my xbox multiple times but nothing seemed to work, but then the issue ended-up resolving itself after some time (less than a day).

I was beginning to file a complaint, and then I signed back on to my account hours later (but before I finished filing the complaint) and the skins were there and useable.

I know that it has been six hours since this thread was made, but if you haven’t already then maybe try signing back on to your account again and see if the items are now available; this obviously isn’t a guaranteed solution, but giving it some time did work for me after a while.

I’m obviously not saying to not fill a ticket out, but definitely keep giving it time and checking back in regardless and see if it resolves itself like it did for me.
Again, it took a while for me but it was definitely resolved within that same day before I even filled out a ticket.