Store in Gears 5 - Missing and Removed Items

It is already known that gears 5 will not have new content, but I wonder what will happen to the content that is not in the store and that has come out like skins, emotes, banners, etc. Can’t get it anymore? For example Disco Emote, The Watcher Weapon Set, some banners and bloodsprays, etc.

Also, what happened to the esports team skins? They updated the store and removed the skins without warning or saying anything about them being removed. There were very good skins like hive for example. esports continue, why can’t they be bought? This is the last split, it would be nice if they added them for one last chance to acquire them.

And there is one more thing, what happens with the special skins like Here is jhonny and the skins of teams that no longer participate in esports. These skins cannot be obtained, is there any possibility that they will be purchased for the last time?

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It would be nice if they would add the remaining store content, but don’t hold your breath. TC is pretty much done with this game.

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Only one person is legally allowed to use the Disco Dance emote.


Yes I know, I waited for the disco emote for a long time and it never came out in the weekly stores. I was hoping to see it in the last store update

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@GhostofDelta2 your alt?