Store Improvement: Prorate Sets Based on Current Set Completion

Weapon skins are now acquired by the set with Gears Coins (or Iron) instead of individually through supply or iron which is good, but there needs to be coin and iron discounts based on partial set completion.

I’m only missing a couple Rainbow Swirl skins for example; the set should not be full price. I spent some of my iron on a couple of the Kryll skins,; the Kryll set should not be full price.

While I do think the new Gear Coin system is an improvement, it needs to take into account set completion percentage and prorate the costs accordingly. It’s already bad enough that the scrap to coin cost ratio actually robbed players of crafting power, particularly on more expensive cards.

I noticed this as well. I was trying to get through all the new topics so I didnt create the same topic

I know I need like 1 or 2 in each set. It makes no sense that we would have to buy the whole set just to actually complete it