STOPPING POWER, like if you want removed

With how strong everything is in this game, I believe that stopping power is no longer needed and it’s just becoming really annoying. I’d like TC to try a limited time where they completely remove stopping power and see how the community responds. Leave a like if you’d like to see stopping power removed


I’m curious what sorts of effects that would have. Stopping power of the lancer is crazy when trying to get in close for a gnasher gib, but people were angry about the LACK of stopping power when confronted with a mace wielder.

That is a good point, but hopefully the breaker gets a slight nerf soon because it is nuts! I’d recommend they make the mace a heavy weapon which would slow movement a lil bit

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I like stopping power when you are running INTO the bullets, but there shouldn’t be stopping power if you running away or sideways…


This alone would even it out enough, I think.

No offense, but this would be total nonsense. If all servers work as they should and Ping is low there has to be a functional counter weapon. And to counter the Gnasher rushing stopping power (Lancer) is absolutely needed. The stopping Power of the claw is a over the top, agreed, but that is a power weapon and not that useful for VS.

And if Ping is low to all players, gnasher is Stil all over the place the the by far most used weapon with the by far most kills.

I absolutely don’t get that all time whine about nerving the lancer, removing the stopping power etc.

The reason why gears is dying is that it’s an all time Gnasher fest what the vast majority off (testing / potential) players indeed dislikes.

Yes, in a forum like this of course this may not be heard, as here only the ones are active that mastered the one trick pony, but believe it or not. people like to use a whole arsenal of weapons. And this game (like G3) at least tries to balance the weapon tuning.

Remember: All meant if Ping is low and servers perform as intended.

PS: I’m even a 80% Gnasher User, but with a true sense of why people dislike Gears as a franchise.

I nearly NEVER get killed by lancering. And if, it was clearly my own fault.


I take it you usually use a lancer and camp? I ask because when I have horribly high ping, the only thing that works is lancer camping. I never get lancered that way either—it’s always the annoyed gnasher-wielder that come hunt me down, and I can’t blame them because I’ve been the annoyed gnasher-wielder myself! :joy:

I don’t get Lancer’d much either, and I tend to close in on enemies.
Lancers are made to be a deterrent, but even then I’m not always successful punishing a rushing gnasher. Typically getting Lancer’d is the victims fault unless it’s a skirmish.

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Theres stopin power on the lancer? My crayon shooting rifle doesnt ever affect people… lol

stopping power always been in gears

maybe the rifle damage nerfs will help

No it has not. Gears 1 and ue never had it.

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And also had the cutest Hammerburst.

What do you mean by skirmish?

Like brawling at a point or getting shot while dueling someone else.

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Ah, ok. Thanks. How do you manage to close in without getting lancered? (I’m still pretty new at pvp)

You have to consider other pieces of cover, timing when to move, other routes to take, using smokes or flashbangs, countering with your own rifle, etc.

It’s more based on weighing your options, picking your battles and situational awareness.

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Thanks for the advice. It’s much appreciated

Sure thing.

Also some more tips:

  • There is no hard counter to each weapon, each weapon is just better suited depending on your situation.
  • Going into a Gnasher fight with any sort of damage hurts your odds of winning. Every pellet of those shots matter.
  • Retreating is always a viable option if you can get away
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Yeah stopping power needs to go, it doesn’t make any real sense and is a poor way to slow down play. it also reduces the use of skilled movement, further reducing the skill gap.
I never had problems or issues with the lancer in g1, it downed people well enough.

You know, we need
Foundation -boxes
Bunker -Boxes
And all upcoming map design like boxes,otherwise it will have a “bad map desing”

Oh, and remove every riffle pistol and grande from the game because “core old fans” demand it.