Stopping power is the cancer that ate Gears of war MP from the inside out and it’s here…again

As someone who has played 10’s of thousands of hours of gears of war, I feel like I need to express a point that was a major point of debate before gears 4 and way back towards gears 3 on the old epic forums (of which I used a different account)

I would like to outline my point is reference to game design among other recently successful titles.

The most popular Multiplayer games today are almost always highly competitive, they strive for balance and usually a VERY high skill ceiling, nearly always unreachable actually. Also a large skill gap and (even for team heavy games like Rainbow Six Siege) allow for individual player skill to shine. The mechanics behind these titles allow for this in numerous ways to outmatch multiple opponents. In Fortnie it’s building and the weapons are balanced, In Apex it’s movment, In siege is accuracy and planning, in CSGO it’s raw aim.

All of these titles allow people to reach very high skill sets by not hindering them with mechanics which specifically compress the skill gap between new and experienced individuals. There are streamers who a younger audience watch for pleasure and strive to be as good as. There is that momentum in skill that people want to reach, to get better and better, that is what driver the multiplayer scene and ALL of the top MP titles know this.

This was the Case in Gears of War 1/UE and why those games were so prized in terms of competitive nature. Power weapons were deadly and the weapons with the least amount of skill required (the automatic weapons) were not given Special treatment.

Sadly the developers at TC do not seem to be in tune with this trend or have any idea how to make a multiplayer title that people want to look up to. They seem to want to cater to the individual with one slice of pizza in hand who plays for fun once every week.

Stopping power… The worst thing that has every happened to the Gears of war franchise.

The cancerous growth that represents this compression of skill . The obvious inclination to reduce the current recoils in gears 5, have a lower TTK and make it easier for “everyone to go home with a trophy”.

Having played gears 5 for two says now I can tell you one thing. People camp, making plays doesn’t happen and strictly isn’t permitted by the games mechanics, most notably the ridiculous stopping power.

Since when have the automatic rifles every been fun for anyone who has played gears for more than a few hours? They AREN’T fun. Period

The rifles would be just fine without stopping power and I’m certain that is what ruins the fun of gears of war for most of the people I speak with or have experience of the older games.

What is strange is that TC seem grossly underestimate gamers.

As previously mentioned most the “casual” audience they are trying to cater to simply don’t think like that, they want to get better, invest time into being skilful, look up the the streamers who are the best etc. What I find strange is that they seem to be making the game more arcade like, but also adding things that make it less fun.

Here are a few things that while on paper seem like small changes that drastically change the whole feeling and flow of MP for the worse.

  1. Stopping power

  2. High damage/low recoil rifles

  3. Camera Shake/ Flinch

  4. Blood splatter

  5. Physics system (floaty rounded physics properties)

  6. Definition of characters, tac com advantage, outlines.

I’m not owed anything by these developers, It’s only because I’m extremely passionate about Gears of war MP that I even bother writing this post.

I wonder if a day will ever come when we will get a skill based gears of war MP again, I frankly doubt it, but one can dream.


The days of Gears 1 will never be back. The closest we got was UE, where half the community didnt even play it because everyone was so used to Gears 3.

I loved Gears 1/UE, I still think it’s the best Gears game of all time because of what you highlighted but I don’t think another Gears game following in its footsteps will ever be seen again sadly.

That being said, I find most of the current crop of fans prefer Gears 3 over the rest.

I went back to try Gears UE and it’s so great, only issue is I can’t find games in Europe and US east is 100 ping.

Also v-sync is an issue for sure on console, since I switched to PC I can feel the latency.

It could be the case. I think currently there is a MP design director or dev who really has no clue what they are doing. So many great visual artists went into gears 5 and it’s all spoilt by really bad mechanical decisions yet again.

Some day maybe…

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I agree, in summary the game has been ‘CODified.’ Battlefield had the same thing happen to it, and it seems that this game is also suffering from it. Just to appease the ‘pick up and play’ gamers who can’t be bothered to learn how to play the damn game. It’s all easy mode.

Been playing since 06. UE is the best gears and will never be replaced. The stopping power in 3 was terrible.

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Im going to have to agree. UE was by far the best GoW game for soooo many reasons. Gears 5 is literally now my worst Gears experience to date.

This is not fun, I cant enjoy this. Even when Im winning. Im complaining for the other team. I get these silly kills off that dont feel good.

Something with aiming in this game is off as well. My aimer shoots all over the place and I cant find a balance with AA and deadzone settings.

Gears is the only game i play online as its the only game with a MP system that i enjoy (not the sponging and non hit detection and so on) and have been playing since 06 also,i personally enjoyed gears 2 the most and UE was also very good while the servers lasted.

I can not get into gears 5 as its to radically noobed and far removed from the gears of war i enjoyed playing,gears was always a love and hate relationship with me but no game could come close to the challenge of MP ,i found gears of war 4 a worryingly insight into where TC was taking gears,they left enough in it to seem like gears 3 plus added some pointless annoying things but what worried me most on the beta was seeing these bounties and of course that went on to be a complete ripoff and disregard for the community .

Esports is all TC and microsoft care about now,like all businesses the consumer base does not really matter as long as money is made,devs do not take any pride in there work nowadays.
Back in the 90s and early 2000s you had to make a game practically error free as possible as your lively-hood depended on it as did your game dev future ,not today though.
This generation is the worst the gaming industry has ever seen,greed and poor quality games is dominating everything.

I personally think they should sell gears MP separate to any story and have a proper MP playing team working on it because who ever is doing it at TC is not a gamer or a MP ,ive seen TC people playing gears and they are terrible at it, so its clear they are not gears fans,this is why we get a game like gears 5.

We will never get the epic gears back or anything close to it,i turn gears 5 off within 5 minutes of going into a map an getting lancered to death or downed it 2 seconds like in on COD ,You dont know what the hells happening in this game,the rules have changed like you can drop from 2 story heights now when you could never do that in any gears game,the damage screen blocks the whole screen and blinds your vision and gnasher skill battles are non existent.

Gears is dead to me once the gears 4 servers go off and i will never touch the franchise again,thats only one person they lose but im sure there are thousands more who prefer the real gears of war not gears of noobs with no skill camping using overpowered lancers .

the real problem is that all the casuals TC is catering to will leave once the new COD release. the combination of stopping power + OP rifle + almost no recoil is the worst ever.

Camping have never been worse than it currently is in this pathetic game. KOTH is lancers galore, peak out of cover and you’re down in 0,5 second. TDM respawns are the usual BS since gears 3. No dodgeball or execution in ranked, I’m forced to social mode and hope for people to vote the mode I want to play…