Stop using "Ballistic Weapons/Damage" TC!

You have made it into a completely meaningless phrase, since it has no universal meaning. Not with your nick and pick micromanagement of what is ans what isnt for which class for which card for which perk and if its during or not during the ultimate…

“Resistant Drones: Drones only take damage from ballistic weapons”.

So will they take damage from Marksman using a trishot during his ultimate? You know, a trishot IS a ballistic weapons for the purposes of his ultimate…

Seriously… There are explosive weapons which shoot projectiles which explode, and there are weapins which shoot projectiles which do damage only from the impact… Explosive and Ballistic/Kinetic…

Trishot is a ballistic weapon…


I just assumed this meant they were immune from non-projectile weapons like melee weapons, scorcher and blasts from frags, shocks and incendiaries. They were never really specific about that , though technically to be a ballistic weapon there has to be some sort of projectile or round.

A Boomshot/Dropshot fires a projectile so I guess that would be included.

Today apparently Lancer GL ROCKETS count as Ballisitc Damage


You know what threw me off, mechanics turret had no effect on enemies on the daily…. I thought it was ballistic?

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Doesn’t count for some reason. Neihter do Mulcher Scions Hijacked.

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I think it’s because you’re holding a ballistic weapon, the GL bullets. So anything from bleed to explosion would count. Even if Blademaster equipped Lander GL, then melee bleed would work.

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Because according to TC heavy weapons and turrets have to be their own damage type instead of following logic(and as Omen likes to point out, that is also apparently completely situational for god knows what reason).

Or that’s what I assume to be the case because certain resistance cards supposed to protect against ballistic damage are usually ignored by Mulchers and Tri-Shots as well, and seeing as it’s said the Mech turret isn’t working on the Drones with that modifier, I assume this nonsensical classification as a separate damage type is also the case for it.


TC needs to reword quite a few skill cards from the sound of things then. If heavy weapons are separate they need to come up with a term for the other Ballistic weapons so it isn’t confusing.

Assault/Light ???

They could also just list the weapons that are affected ( Bairds cards do that already for example) and playtest things for once.

I never considered THAT side of it…

I only thought about the damage BOOST aspect of things. So this lack of consistency/logic also applies on the damage REAISTANCE side too, haha?

So ballistic reaistsnce doesnt work on mulcher scions?

I wouldnt know since i mostly dont use thise cards (i find their weapons so OP that 30% resistsnce, for example, means nothing).

I also get extremely annoyed when specific weapons are magically excluded from general damage boost cards.

I mean, at least they explicitly said they were removing the trishot from anchor’s bullet boost…

But i dont remember anyone explaining how/why trishot isnt a weaoon for the purposes of Nomad’s acceleration and rain down: which are generic damage boost cards, not weapon type/class/etc specific. Just distance based…

I keep thinking back to pre-launch marketting of how G5 is all about how YOU want to play… It’s the complete opposite of that, isnt it? It’s all mixromanaged for you, guiding/nudging/forcing you to play how THEY think you should be playing it…

This game had soooooo much potential…

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I can only assume so - if I have the damage res perk on Blademaster in Horde maxed while also using short range resistance and triggering the ult, inside of the range of short range res, I will not take damage from getting shot by a Claw, but if I try to do the same with a Mulcher it will do damage even inside of the range where short range resistance is active during the ult, UNLESS I am meleeing something to cause it to bleed.

And I’m pretty sure that that card is supposed to only work for “ballistic” damage.

Right… Ok, makes sense, in the twisted TC sort of way…

Mulcher is counted as heavy damage and nothing else. Even the Melee - Clay combined with Lizzie is completely immune to their melee. Dumbest thing ever.

Whoa, as i said, i never thought about THAT side…

It’s worse than even i thought, lol…

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Reminds me that you can do the same thing with Ice Scions on The Line with that freeze Gunner build I liked to use on it. It casually just tanks two(if not more) their melee hits, not that I would recommend doing so as you’re literally never going to be frozen by them with that card setup. Have to assume it had something to do with Heavy Deflect and Bait Armor getting added up.

But stuff like this is also the reason why Short Range Resistance gets you immune to Drone melees when they’re bleeding and you have venom res or the perk in Horde. It makes no sense, and I don’t strictly use it for that, but it’s still a thing.

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Same with Slugger, since it has very high explosive resistance, any explosive enemy type with deal very little melee damage…. Also before they patched/nerfed sluggers damage resistance card, slugger was 100% immune to melee attacks from explosive enemies. It was so fun tagging nades on scions and just standing in front of them watching them trying to melee you lol