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Stop trying to be “Fornite” and be Gears of War pls!

I don’t see a problem with that, just that TC should leave alone the gameplay that was refined in 4 , if that’s the case then they can sell whatever they want, as long as they leave the gameplay intact.


Compared to Gears 5, I would also rather have the system that was implemented in GOW4, sans the randomly generated content, which really was the worst thing about it.


This has nothing to do with the main topic of the character/skin progression system and microtransactions.

I want to give TC the benefit of the doubt and blame the publisher/owner…Microsoft. I mean they are about their money. Plus I really think this also has to do with the game being on GP day 1. So they’re betting on making up with micro transactions while adding new players for the long run.

Hopefully the gameplay issues are all ironed out soon. It already feels much better after the recent update.

Hi Link, Ill check it out on the weekend, I really hope one day they could provide that so many asked ammo capacity skill card that I have mentioned before, That would really help. just like in 4 .

having at least 600 rounds capacity on the lancer would really help a lot. and not having to use any del or locker for that matter.

Uh. Bro. You need to re-read the main topic. Its talking about how gears is trying to be like fornite or other games and losing its identity trying to make money and be popular. INCLUDING microtransactions but clearly not the main point of the topic. Lmao. Your replies twisted his point away from what he was trying to get across. GEARS is GEARS, not fornite, not Halo, not COD. Gears. Which I agree. Stay true to your thing that made you unique and great!


Your main topic and this reply don’t sync. Lol so your upset that TC didn’t give you a genuine GEARS of war experience in paying for things? It’s changed every game. You mentioned a good multiplayer and changes to horde but you’re not talking about gameplay? I’m lost.

Uhm he literally said the thread was about the store and TOD not gameplay though? I haven’t twisted anything, I asked for clarification on the topic and stated that the only similarity between Forty and Gears is the microtransaction and battlepass/ToD.

You brought up a whole different topic because I said that the ToD promotes people to actually play the game (in my opinion).

His main topic and this reply don’t sync. Lol so your upset that TC didn’t give you a genuine GEARS of war experience in paying for things? It’s changed every game. You mentioned a good multiplayer and changes to horde but you’re not talking about gameplay? I’m lost.

Not really , when you buy a battle pass you get maps for free or you can buy them by themselves. I would pay battle pass one time and that’s it.cosmetics is totally different , one cosmetic will come out you will buy it but more come out you have to buy on top of that. Battle pass is one time fee and get all the maps. It could be called season pass , correct me if I am wrong

One thing I don’t want to do is create friction. That’s not what my post was about. I set out to share my opinion about something I observed in Gears 5, that in my opinion looks very similar to Fornite and bothers ME. Not only as a fan of the franchise, but as a consumer. My major gripe is with the store /ToD system. I pay for the game pass subscription. I also dropped $80 on the Ultimate Edition so that I’d still have a copy of Gears 5 if I ever decided I wanted to ditch the GP sub. I, like most, enjoy donning my favorite character skins when going into Horde or MP. This iteration of Gears has made it arduous to get the characters/skins I want by hiding them behind a long, grindy earning system and a paywall.

You’re thinking season pass, which is pretty much just prepaying for maps/DLC.

Battle pass is Fortnite’s system, which functions the exact same way as the ToD but with many more cosmetic unlocks you can earn through completing challenges and continually playing the game. For fortnite it’s a one time purchase at the beginning of the season with their in-game currency that is either bought or earned through the battle pass.

The caveat is that everyone has to purchase the battle pass at least once before they can earn it for free. Hence paying for cosmetics technically.

Ok yeah ■■■ battle pass lol

It’s really not that Grundy and you have an unlimited time to do it. If it’s truly to much they cost $5 I can assure you you won’t go broke

Yea they gambled on being something they are not. Like I said before, if people are not into Gears of War by now, then they will never be. As of this moment there are only 610 viewers on twitch for gears 5 LMAO. Stardew Valley has more viewers…pathetic. Casualized the game and it has backfired completely. No skill gap, pick up and play mechanics, and trash reward systems with no real incentive is why this game is DEAD. Good job TC. All the gamepass kids left and all your core fans have been abandoning this game like the plague. Feels bad.


You must not have played 4

Ill take OPTIONAL COSMETICS for 1 single price and I actually get them over spending lord knows how much on random chances to finally get it any day

I loves four , I got every single character skins and weapon skin and spent 0 dollars ! How can you dislike that lol

How did you get every single Black Steel with zero dollars? Wait, did you pay in pounds or euros?


Exactly what I was gonna say lol

Nvm the fact he had to grind like hell to get the credits to get normal people with that BS RNG system… i know cause I burnt over 100k credits each on Skorge and Myrah alone